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Welcome coffee lovers! I shouldn’t say that really should I? Anyway whether you are a coffee lover or not, I will be discussing 3 instant ways to spice up your coffee. I use these little magic products which you wouldn’t necessarily think they have an impact on the coffee taste, but let me reassure you that they do.

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What can we use to change the flavour of our coffee?

There are numberous amount of diffwerent factors we can change which will give a completely different taste to our coffee.

We can change:
– The type of coffee
– The type of milk or cream we use
– The type of seasoning we can add to it

factors affecting the taste of our coffee

The type of the coffee we use?
Yes, different coffee pods contain differen’t flavours. Some are ranged on a scale from 1-14. 1 being weak, and 14 being intense. Some coffee pods have a bitter taste and some have the sweet taste. Everyone is different, everyone likes their coffee the way they do.

The type of milk or cream we use?
Try it. Get two cups of coffee, try one with milk, then oat milk, then cream. You will definitely taste the difference. My ideal kind of coffee is with the normal semi-skimmed milk. I don’t mind having oat milk at times, but I wouldn’t crave for it every time.

The type of seasoning we use?
Pumpkin spice, honeycomb, caramel you name it. We all know from a touch of seasoning it can transform the whole taste of the drink. Starbucks hosting the classic pumpkin spice latte which only comes out every autumn, is just a simple seasoning added, which creates a brand new tastebud sensation!

What can I add to my coffee to make it healthier?

Now we all love the taste of that pumpkin spice syrup, but we all know deep down it isn’t the healthiest. We can all use some factors which will allow us to make our coffee a little healthier.

– Drink your coffee black (i.e. with no milk)
– Brew your coffee with organic beans
– Swap that dairy milk to almond or soya milk
– Ditch those artificial creamers


Me personally, my favourite thing to use is actual coffee pods, whilst using syrups to give it a different flavour. I will go into detail of my method of making a gingerbread flavour latte below.

What can I add to my coffee to make it taste better?

Now it depends on what flavours you like. Whether you are a spice lover, so I would suggest using cinnamon, or perhaps you are more of a lover of nuts? I would suggest using a hazelnut syrup for example.

As mentioned before, using different types of milks, such as oat milk or soya milk can give you a completely different taste for each one.

Why does my coffee taste bitter sometimes?

Bitter coffee, hmm I am not a fan of and Im sure a lot of people aren’t. It can be caused by a range of factors, some of which I will list below.

  • The water is too hot – By using water that is far too hot, it extracts the bitter compounds from the coffee, giving you the bitter taste. Studies have shown that around 205°F is an ideal temperature for your water, to reduce the extraction of the bitter compounds.
  • Your equipment that you use for your coffee is not clean – I mean this should be a very obvious one. If you are not washing out your mugs, or cleaning your coffee tools then flavour left over in these will affect the flavour of coffee you want today. We should already be cleaning out of good hygiene but just spend an extra 5 minutes just thoroughly cleaning to ensure this.

How to make a Gingerbread latte in under 5 minutes

First things first, get your coffee pods at the ready. I use the Starbucks house blend pods with my sage coffee machine to get me the best blend of coffee.

Now you might be thinking… well what machine do you use? This is a Nespresso machine. It has options to which type of coffee you want e.g. latte, cappuccino, expresso. You can control the settings, with how much froth you want. I prefer mine being quite frothy, some don’t and that’s okay becasuse you can change the setting for each coffee you make!

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Step 1 – How to make a Gingerbread latte in under 5 minutes

Place your coffee pods into the machine, and pour your ‘milk’ into the metal jar. I saw ‘milk’ as you may want to use a different alternative such as soya milk or oat milk. I use the Starbucks by Nespresso House Blend pods. Which I have listed below. There are a range of differen’t flavours, which also have different intensities.

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Pour your selected syrup choice into your mug, in this case I used the gingerbread syrup and used around 2 teaspoons. If you are unsure, it is always best to add less, as you can always add more and gradually build it up. If you put too much syrup it can ruin the drink and we don’t want that do we!


The syrups I use, I will list below. I decided to buy a gift set so that I was able to get a range of flavours at a reasonable price to test out. The good thing with having a range of different flavoured syrups is that, you are able to make a range of different coffees by just changing one thing… the syrup!

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Step 2 – How to make a Gingerbread latte in under 5 minutes


I have selected the type of coffee I want. A latte is my favourite type of coffee drink. The machine lets you use the dial to pick the type of coffee you want. Then you can decide how frothy you want the milk to be. You simply push the start button and the coffee begins to pour into your cup.


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Step 3 – How to make a Gingerbread latte in under 5 minutes

Once the coffee has finished, it will automatically begin to whisk the milk. Whilst the milk is getting whisked, I will lightly stir the coffee and syrup together, as I find it helps to get to mix the flavours together helping for you to taste the flavour throughout the drink.

Step 4 – How to make a Gingerbread latte in under 5 minutes

Pour you milk into your coffee, you can learn some tricks from YouTube if you want to get create those cool looking milk patterns on top of your coffee. Otherwise you can also add some chocolate to the top and use a stencil.

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As easy as 123! If you want a hazel nut latte… just simply follow the same method and use hazelnut syrup instead of the gingerbread!

That is all for now lovelies! Hope you are keeping well and staying safe!
Talia x