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Now, cleaning your face at least once a day is crucial if you want to get clear skin. Washing your face helps to get rid of the dirt and oil which builds up throughout the day. Daily facial washing removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look.

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Why is Cleaning your face so important?

Your face throughout the day takes on some heavy particles, whether that be makeup or just the general air particles. Washing your face daily allows for the bacteria and dirt on your face to be removed. Washing two times a day, when you wake up and one before bed is said to be the most ideal for your face.

Is it better to wash your face with hot or cold water?

Using warm water helps to open your pores, therefore allowing for the dirt to be removed. However, using cold water will not dry your skin out but it does not get those pores open to remove the dirt. Using cold water, is ideal to reduce puffiness. What works for me is a mixture between the two. Some days I use warm water and cold water for different routines. Warm and cold water each have they’re own perks and benefits as well as there negatives.

1. Facial Cleansing Brush, Electric Silicone Face Massager

You may have seen this before, but you may have seen the high-end version which is the ‘Foreo Luna’. They sell this product in Selfridges and is known to be very good, and that is shown by the reviews. I will link this product below so you can have a look, however for this article I will be going into greater detail on a dupe version of the Foreo Luna.

– Foreo Luna on Amazon comes in 7 different colours –

– Wireless charging. Smart inductive charging design with high-performance lithium battery
– Water Resistant, ideal to use in the shower or bath
– The USB charger port is protected from any water by silicone cover
– Battery/charger life lasts a lot longer than others
– Reduces the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads due to the technology inside the brush

2. Skin Scrubber, Blackhead Removal, Facial Cleaner Spatula 

We all hate the appearance of blackheads, especially when they are really deep into our skin. This blackhead remover spatula, helps to remove the those tough blackheads. The spatula comes with 4 different modes to choose from, and a 100% medical stainless steal spatular which is safe to use. It is used for deeper cleansing and for also lifting and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

– 4 different modes for different results (cleansing mode, Ion export mode, Ion import mode and lifting mode)
– Item comes with a cover for the spatula head to protect it from any dust and dirt
– Can be used with or without cleansing products on the skin (i.e just warm water)
– Easy to hold, and portable with a USB charging cable
– You can choose which function you would like and therefore makes it suitable for most skin types

3. Fancii Waterproof Facial Cleansing Spin Brush Set with 3 Exfoliating Brush Heads

Most people tend to use they’re hands when washing there face. Sometimes we don’t realise how much bacteria can be found on our hands. With this cleansing spin brush set with 3 different exfoliating heads, it will reduce the amount of bacteria you put onto your face.

– Comes with a plastic case to keep protected from dust and dirt
– 3 different colours to pick from dove, aqua and blush
– Water resistant so can be used in bath or shower
– Brushes contains soft nylon bristles, making it suitable for sensitive skin types
– Contains fast or slow settings
– 3 different attachable heads; soft, silicone and exfoliating

4. VOYOR Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum – Electric Face Vacuum Pore Cleaner Acne White Heads Removal with 6 Suction Head BR410

For me, this is one of the best things that have been invented. This is a vacuum, but for your face. With 4 different vacuum heads, this allows you to pick which facial vacuum you choose to do on yourself. The blackhead vacuum is non-toxic as well as non-irritating, making it safe to be used on your face. With 5 suction levels, you can also choose the level of ‘deepness’ you wish to go.

– 4 different vacuum heads; Microcrystalline Probe, Small size circular form probe, big size circular form probe and an oval probe
– 5 different suction levels
– Comes in two different colours; green and pink
– Reduces the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads and gets really deep into pores depending on the suction you choose
– Doesn’t take long to charge, and charge last a long time

5. RoselynBoutique Jade Roller for Face and Gua Sha Set – Beauty Cosmetic Facial Skin Roller Massager Tool – Original Handcraft Natural Green Jade

Using a roll on your face, wouldn’t be the most popular face routine you may of heard of. The Jade roller helps to improve circulation and skin tension. It can be used on your face and your whole body, whichever suits you best. Leaving this roller in the fridge to cool before using, can help to reduce puffy eyes and any swelling (if its medical then seek a doctors authority first).

– Portable
– No charging or batteries needed
– Can be used all over your body not just your face
– If placed in fridge, the roller can become a great ice roller to reduce puffiness
– Comes in two different sizes, to help you target different areas of your body

That is all for now, my lovelies! Hope you found this article helpful, for now, take care!
Talia x