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What’s the deal with egg chairs? Why are they becoming so trendy? Well egg chairs are not only perfect for small spaces but are also very stylish. You can choose between floor egg chairs or even hanging egg chairs. Egg chairs help to add to your home. Providing your home furniture style, egg chairs can still add to make your home different to the original.

In this blog post, I will share 5 reasonable priced egg chairs (in other words cheap egg chairs) whilst listing there features. I will provide an outdoor egg shaped chair as well as swinging egg chair that can be used indoors!

Why are egg chairs so expensive?

Egg chairs are expensive due to the sleek design and the difficulty of making the egg chair. The structure of the egg shaped chair, needs to be strong and designed right in order for it to be strong as well look good.

Are hanging egg chairs worth it?

Hanging egg chairs are great for saving space. If you have a small room but would like to simply put a piece of furniture, an indoor egg chair swing would be ideal. Some come with a base and some are simply hung from a chain that can be hung from the ceiling depending on the suspensions etc.

Cheap Egg Chairs

1. OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair with 360-Degree Swivel

Here we have a 360-degree swivel chair. The base of the chair is made from steel, which is then covered in your choice of wicker. The chair also comes with a large dacron-filled cushion. This egg chair is perfect for small spaces, or whether you just like the style of the chair. It has that fresh-modern look.

2. Christopher Knight Home 312592 Cayuse Indoor/Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair

Finally a hanging egg chair! These chairs are quite cool to have, not only does it save space in your house, but it is also water resistant so is perfect for outdoor too. This swinging egg chair indoor / outdoor is a great object to have in your home. This chair does not include the base.

3. Christopher Knight Home 311857 Becky Wicker Hanging Chair with Cushion

One which is similar to the one above however a slightly more rectangle design. This egg shaped chair does not come with a stand. The cushion is also included and even better, they are water resistant! Being made from polyethylene rattan, the material is durable and gives it a sleek look to finish off the room design.

4. Christopher Knight Home 311449 Ellen Outdoor Wicker Swivel Egg Chair 

Here we have an outdoor egg shaped chair. It is made from Polyethylene rattan making it long lasting. The cushion provided is also water resistant, so it is ideal for the outdoor patio/garden.

5. Christopher Knight Home 311448 Frances Outdoor Wicker Swivel Egg Chair with Cushion

My final egg chair pick for you guys. Another egg shape patio chair like the one listed above. With a Polyethylene rattan backrest, the chair helps to enclose you into a cozy basket shape. Water resistant cushion, making it ideal for outdoor patio use.

That is all for now, take care and stay safe!
Talia x