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Right, so you have come across my article so I am sure that you want to see some of the best kitchen storage products that will help you save the space no matter the size of the kitchen. These 8 products are found from amazon, and in this article, I share the benefits of each product as well as some negatives, hoping it will save you time searching for any kitchen storage products.

I'm an affiliate. I hope you love the products I recommend. Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page - at no additional cost to you. If you use my links, thank you for your support. I really appreciate it!

1. Over Sink(33″) Dish Drying Rack

Instead of having a dish drying rack on either side of your sink, this over sink dish drying rack will free up the counter space. The water from the dishes will drop into the sink directly with this type of drying rack. This set comes with a range of different add on’s which are easily adjustable and removable, allowing you to arrange the rack as to what best suits you.

Pros ✔
– Comes in three different colours: white, black or silver
– Includes 1 dish rack, 1 bowl rack, 1 knife holder, 1 fruit & vegetable basket, 1 chopping board rack which could be pot cover holder, 1 square basket which could be detergent holder, 2 cutlery holders/chopsticks cages, and 8 hooks (all parts are adjustable as well as being removable)
– U-shaped frame structure, allowing it to be very stable

Cons ❌
– Sink has to be less than 33.5 inches lengthways and the height of your tap has to be less than 15.7 inches

2. Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set – Labels & Marker

This airtight storage container set is to help you with the space, they are easily stackable and are easy to fit into your cupboards. Not many storage containers are ideal for containing liquids however due to the airtight technology, these storage containers can hold dry foods as well as liquids.

Pros ✔
– Can hold dry foods as well as liquids due to the airtight technology
– Easily stackable
– Comes with reusable chalkboard labels and a chalkboard pen to label the containers
– These containers can be used in storage cupboards well as freezers and fridges

Cons ❌
– In this set, you get a range of different sizes instead of a set of containers of all the same size
– The lids have to be wiped down in order to clean them

3. HapiLeap Retractable Drawer Organizer

A drawer organiser for your fridge is always a good idea to save space. These lightweight food containers have drain holes as well as a suspension arm strip to help mount on the compartment of your fridge. They are ideal for small items like cheeses, eggs and small fruit. These containers can also be used for desk storage too, due to the sliding design.

Original size: 20cm x 16cm x 8cm
Extended size is 28cm x 16cm x 8cm

Pros ✔
– Lightweight and durable
– Contains ventilation holes to prevent bacterial growth
– Gives a neat and tidy effect
– Sliding design, making it easy to glide in and out

Cons ❌
– Baskets do not fit all fridges (ensure to measure beforehand)
– Does not hold a lot of weight, only ideal for small and lightweight things

4. Broom Mop Holder KingTop

A strong and sturdy broom mop holder will help you to organise and save space. It can support weight up to 7.5 pounds. It is easy to fit as it comes with screws for a drilling installation. This product can hold a variety of cleaning products like a mop, broom, dustpan.

Product dimensions: 41.6 x 9 x 6.8 cm

Pros ✔
– 5 positions and 6 hooks for hanging cleaning products
– Strong and sturdy
– Easy installation and fit to wall
– Each hook can hold up to 3kg

Cons ❌
– Needs to be drilled into the wall in order to stay up
– Can only hold up to 5 positions

5. GoMaihe 150ml Glass Jars with Bamboo Lids Silicon Ring Set of 12

The size of each storage jar is approximately 6.5x8cm. It can hold up to 150ml of liquid, these storage jars can hold dry food too. The lid is made of bamboo with a silicon ring allowing it easy to open and close. The silicon helps to give the jar strong sealing to minimise spillage.

Pros ✔
– The glass container is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass
– Thickened bottom making it extremely sturdy
– Bamboo and silicon ring keeping it airtight
– Can be placed into the dishwasher for cleaning, easy to clean due to the thick glass
– Comes with 12 stickers to label each jar

Cons ❌
– The set contains all of the same size jars and not a range of different sizes
– The set does not come with a pen to write on the labels for the jars

6. Toplife Spiral Design Stainless Steel Egg Skelter Dispenser Rack

These egg racks will save you the storage in your fridge that is normally taken up by those egg cardboard boxes. This spiral design rotates 360 degrees with a non-slip fine felt base. It can store up to 30 eggs!

Product dimensions: 18 x 18 x 41 cm

Pros ✔
– A compact design so it saves space even on the kitchen counter
– The rack comes in three different colours;
– Sturdy metal construction, a wireframe with stainless steel

Cons ❌
– When removing an egg from the bottom, other eggs begin to roll so have to be careful
– Can be slightly tall for kitchen counter

7. 5 Tier Frying Pan Organiser Rack

A frying pan organiser, probably something you might not of thought existed! This can either be used on your countertop or even inside your cupboards to save space and keep your pans tidy. This rack accommodates up to 5 pans (when vertical) and 4 when horizontal.

Product dimension: L23cm x W24cm x H30cm

Pros ✔
– Saves cabinet and countertop space
– Can be used to organise pans and pan lids
– Keeps pans safe from scratching against each other
– Neatness and tidiness of cooking equipment

Cons ❌
– Does not fit larger pans like wok’s
– Can only fit up to 4/5 pans and not any more

8. CISHANJIA Reusable Sandwich/Storage Bags

Purchasing sandwich bags from the supermarket and only using them once can cost some money. These are reusable sandwich bags in a pack of 12. They can be placed in the fridge or freezer. Not only can these bags be used for food, but it can also be used for travel toiletries or any objects you wish.

Product dimension: Comes in three different sizes (12 pack)
24.5×18.3×5.1cm (x3), 20.3×14.5×5.1cm (x4), 15.3×10.5×5.1cm (x5)

Pros ✔
– Ziplock design and leakproof/waterproof material
– Safe material and eco-friendly (see website link for more information)
– Large capacity and multi-use
– Easy to clean material due to the silicone material

Cons ❌
– Can not be placed into dishwasher or used in microwave

I hope you have found this guide helpful and have come across some new products that can help with storage in your kitchen, that you may not have even known to exist.
For now, take care,
Talia x
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