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Ah so you have stumbled across my go-to guide for Moon Palace Cancun. Whether it is your first trip to this glorious resort or you have been here many times before, my guide will give you a good background of the basics of what you should know about Moon Palace Cancun.

Where Is Moon Palace Cancun located?

Moon Palace Cancun is located on Cancun’s tranquil south shore. It is approximately just 15 minutes away from Cancun International Airport. Some packaged holidays, offer the Moon Palace coach service. This coach will only pick up people and families who are going to the resort of course. It picks you up from the airport pick up terminal. It is like a big family of you who have just come off the plane going to the resort together!

What is there to do at Moon Palace Cancun?

Moon Palace is an all-inclusive golf and spa resort. There are three lobbies. Sunrise, Nizuc and The Grand. Staying at Sunrise or Nizuc will allow you to visit either one as many times as you would like (bear in mind this does not include The Grand). If you choose to stay at The Grand, you are able to visit all other lobbies (Nizuc and Sunrise) as well as having access to all other services at The Grand. All lobbies have many restaurants, these range from:
– Asian Food
– Sea Food
– International Food
– Indian Food
– Italian Food
– Mexican Food
– Steakhouse
– Gourmet Bakery

Let’s also not forget the 24-hour room service that the resort provides! The tv in your room allows you to see a range of menus, once you have decided the food you want, you simply use the room phone to call and place your order. The staff drive on their buggies with your food and deliver it to your room. Each plate has some sort of protection and covering ensuring that the food is safe and clean.

At the resort, you will not be bored due to how many activities Moon Palace offers. You can choose to lay around the different pools (depending on what area of the resort you are staying) or if you’re feeling a little adventurous you have these to choose from:
– FlowRider®
– Playroom (if you want to spend some time inside playrooms with the little ones)
– Awe Spa® (You can choose to use some of your resort credits for some luxurious massages and facials, I will touch on resort credits a little later)
– Wired Lounge
– Tours
– Entertainment & Activities
– Nightlife (For over 18’s of course, these are nightclubs which are inside the resort)
– Golf
– Sports Activities

When is the best time to visit Cancun?

When is the best time to visit Cancun?

Cancun is mostly warm and sunny with around 1,227mm of rainfall spread throughout the year. Wet season is to be known between May – October, which is where most rainfall is recorded. In the winter Cancun, still has very high average temperatures of around 28°C. The hottest season in Cancun is between December – April with high average temperatures around 30°C.

Cancun is a dream holiday destination, due to its tropical climate all year round, with the sun shining for around 250 days a year.

What are resort credits?

Resort credits are credits you build up when you decide to stay at the resort for a certain amount of nights. The longer you stay the more resort credits you will get.

The resort credits can be looked at as tokens. It is basically a reward given to you by Moon Palace for choosing to stay at their resort. For example, staying at the resort for 12 nights will give you as an individual $2500 resort credits. The total amount of resort credits you get given will be based on how many nights you stay at the resort. The resort credits can be spent on a numerous amount of things. Each activity has a different price of resort credit, some range from $89-$1231 (there is normally a percentage of tax you will have to pay).

activities at moon palace resort
 - Pony experience
- Jetovator
- Jetpack 
- Hoverboard
- Zipline 
- Dolphin 
- Tulum express 
- Jungle Tour
- Coba Express
- Sea breached
- Paradise adventure 
- Ventura Park
- Flyboard
golf at moon palace cancun
- Gold academy Moon Palace
- Green fee at Moon Palace golf club
- Green fee Riviera Cancun golf club
- Green fee Puerto Cancun gold club
restaurants at moon palace cancun
- Dinner with the chef
- Romantic dinner
- Chef's kitchen at the grand

spa at moon palace cancun
- Balancing facial
- Seaweed wrap
- Chocolate wrap
- Sacred hot stone massage
- Herbal massage
- Golden passion
- Holistic massage
- Vitamin C facial
entertainment at moon palace cancun
Gift shop
- Sunglasses
- Silver jewellery
- Mayan cigars
- Amiani purses
- Tequila package
- Signature Palace resorts aromas

Does Moon Palace have a beach?

Moon Palace resort sits along the beach. The beach is not crystal clear, due to the seaweed however, the Moon Palace team work hard throughout the day to clear the seaweed that gets washed up on the beach. The sand is bright and fluffy and still so soft on those feet.

The Grand at Moon Palace Resort Cancun

How much does it cost for a day pass at The Grand?

You can choose to visit the Grand once you purchase a day pass. The day pass allows you to visit all of the restaurants and use any activites which are at the grand. The day pass allows you access to the Grand from 7am-11pm. A Grand pass can be purchased by guests staying at the Palace properties who wish to visit The Grand at Moon Palace.

The day pass ranges from $100-110 for an adult, and around $50-60 for a child.

Is there a water park at Moon Palace?

Yes there is a water park inside of The Grand. Those who are staying at The Grand or have purchased a day pass will have access to the park. You can choose to relax in the lazy river, or have fun in the wave pool but let’s not forget the water slides.

What is the difference between The Grand and Sunrise/Nizuc?

Moon Palace has three sections. Sunrise, Nizuc and The Grand. All sections offer pool facilities, restaurants and activities. To transfer between different sections, at each lobby there is an internal-shuttle bus that rotates and drives to each section. The bus comes around every 5-10 minutes. You can walk, however there is a lot of walking between different areas of the resort as it is so big.

The Grand is the more luxurious section inside The Moon Palace Resort. All Grand guests are welcome to visit other sections of the resort, including Sunrise and Nizuc. However, guests of Sunrise and Nizuc are not permitted into the Grand area without purchasing a Grand day pass.

All sections of Moon Palace resort, include accommodation, food and drink (including alcohol), 24-hour room service, activities and of course entertainment.

The Grand has 16 restaurants, as well as a numerous amount of bars and lounges. Nizuc and Sunrise have more than 20 lounges and bars, not forgetting the restaurants too. All sections of Moon Palace resort have free wifi, meaning you can facetime anyone you are missing back home, regardless of which section you are in!

The Grand offers the glorious water park, as well as the glamorous life-style of living. The Grand has 9 pools, and if you wish, you can have a swim up pool right outside your room if you choose to decide to book these high-end suites. The Grand is open to couples as well as families.

Nizuc and Sunrise, are for couples and families too. Nizuc and Sunrise both have playrooms. Nizuc and Sunrise also have lobby bar areas where you can get a drink and some snacks whilst you relax. Sunrise has a nightclub (which is in the complex) for those aged over 18 years, called Noir.

Is Moon Palace kid-friendly?

There are 2 playrooms for children in Nizuc and Sunrise. One playroom is found in Nizuc for children aged 4-10 years old and the other playroom is found in Sunrise is for children aged 4-12 years old. Children under the age of 4 are welcome but must be supervised by an adult or guardian at all times.

Turtles at Moon Palace Resort

Baby turtle release in Moon Palace Mexico

Moon Palace resort have collaborated with official sponsor Fomento Ecológico Banamex for 14 years. They have been working on a Sea Turtle conservation programme to protect species that are in danger of extinction.

Along the Moon Palace Resort beach, turtle eggs are protected (so other animals can’t attack) and buried into the sand. Around the late summer (August – October), you are allowed to release the baby turtles into the ocean. Turtle releases depend on weather conditions, number of hatchlings and environmental conditions. Moon Palace provide protection of the baby turtles as there is a limit of participants per release.

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