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Robotic Vacuums are worth owning that can contribute to your cleaning routine. They are a small and compact so they do not take up much space. What you need to remember is that you may think that the robotic vacuums do not make a difference, but your floor will be cleaner than what it would be without a vacuum going around your floor.

I own one myself and thoroughly like to use one to go around my floor whilst I am out. It saves myself having to vacuum, knowing that this small electronic device can save me the energy. Finding the right robotic vacuum is key, some can be expensive but again this device is saving you from doing it yourself.

Below I am going to list the top 3 robotic vacuums whilst also listing their properties

Top 3 Robotic Vacuums

1. SAMSUNG Jet Bot+ Robot Vacuum with Clean Station

Here we have the Samsung Jet Bot + Robot Vacuum that comes with the cleaning station. The great thing with this robotic vacuum is that it comes with an app. You can also control the device by your app asking it to pause if need be. The cleaning station you could call the ‘sleeping dock’ for the vacuum. Automatically it removes dust that has been picked up from the vacuum by using Air Pulse technology.

Whether you have hard flooring or carper or even a mixture of both, this vacuum detects and adjusts the suction power i.e. having more suction when going across carpet. To clean the vacuum cleaner, it is just a simple emptying out to the dust bin and giving it a wash if need be.

2. Eufy by Anker,BoostIQ RoboVac

If you are looking for one at a reasonable price we have this one made from the Anker company. The great thing about this robotic vacuum is that it has drop-sensing technology that prevents it from falling off stairs and ledges. With a 0.6 litre dust-box, you can be rest-assured you will not need to be emptying it as much. When the energy is low the vacuum will return back to its charging base. When using the vacuum, you just need to ensure that you move the cables to avoid any tangled wires. The vacuum can be used on low- to medium-pile carpets, tile, laminated, and hardwood floors however not on very dark-coloured floors and high-pile carpet.

3. Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Base

The Shark vacuum robot, comes with an app that allows you to start the cleaning by one tap or even by voice control (google assistant , Alexa). The vacuum works by cleaning row by row to allow for complete coverage of the room. The robotic vaccum tackles debris whether it be small or large. You can simply relax and save yourself the time and effort whilst allowing this robotic vacuum to do the job!

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog post on answering our question of ‘are robotic vacuums worth it’.

Take care, Talia x