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How did Bali Body start?

Bali Body was founded in 2014. Bali Body is co-founded by Laura Foley and David Oosterloo. The duo wanted to create a natural tanning oil that can be used on sensitive skin. The couple were currently living in Canggu, Bali when the idea came to mind.

Bali Body is based in Melbourne, Australia. It is vegan friendly and all products are made in the hometown of Melbourne. All of the products are designed for use on sensitive skin as well as being committed to using natural or naturally derived ingredients when possible.

Is Bali Body natural?

At Bali Body, natural ingredients are a must. All Bali Body products are filled with the highest quality of natural or naturally derived ingredients.

Is Bali Body Good For Sensitive Skin Types?

All Bali Body products are made to hydrate your skin. By using hydrating natural and ultra-nourishing ingredients, it allows all Bali Body products to be good to sensitive skin, and ease your skin dramas you might have with other tanning products.

Can I put Bali Body on my face?

At Bali Body, there is a range of products that are specifically made for your face. However, the self-tan which is used mainly for your body is safe to use on your face. The self-tanner will help to give you that healthy glow due to the natural and nourishing oils that are found within the ingredients.

How to apply Bali Body face tan water

This face tan water is my first-ever tanning water that I have tried, and let me tell you… it does wonders! It is so lightweight and the best feature is that it did not leave my face looking at all orange. This can be used as a gradual tan, depending on how dark you want to go, but I find for me that one coat before bed (with someone who has olive skin) just works right for me.

Using this myself, I was not sure at first on how I could apply this to my face. Using my hands was a perfect option, or the other option was using round cotton pads to apply to my face.

  1. Pump the face tanning water onto a cotton pad/hands
  2. Apply evenly across the entire face
  3. Apply to the neck and chest as well as over/around the ears
  4. Wash hands after applying

How long does Bali body take to dry?

This product for me did not leave my skin dry at all, and actually in fact somehow gave me that sunkissed glow, which I mean I have not found in any self-tanning products before. Bali Body face tan water, not to forget, dries within seconds of applying it, so you do not have to worry about going to bed with your face dripping in tanning water.

Ooo before I forget, I have white bed sheets.. you might be thinking that it is a worry, however, this product was not found anywhere on my pillowcase and that is what topped this product for me and by far I would say it is the best tanning water I have come across. No fake tan, was found on my pyjamas and even throughout the day, my body heat didn’t cause the fake tan to run into any of my clothes. I will express this again… It does wonders!

How long does Bali Body face tan water take to develop?

The Bali Body face tan water takes around 3-4 hours to develop. This can be used as a toner in a way, but if you want more of a gradual tan you can add some to a daily facial moisturiser to build a gradual sun-kissed glow. The longer you leave the tan water on, the deeper and darker the tan will go, so it is completely your choice.

How long does Bali Body face tan water last?

The Bali Body face tan water, can last up to 5-7 days. If you are using this as a gradual self-tanning moisturiser, for example, every 3 days, then your fake tan would be stable pretty much for the week (depending on how dark you want to go). If you are using this pure, without adding it to anything, for myself it lasted around 4-5 days (I did put two coats on, however), whilst ensuring I was moisturising my face, not allowing it to become too dry.

How to use Bali Body self-tanning mousse

This is by far the best self-tanning mousse I have come across. Bali Body self-tanning mousse, you have boosted my confidence without a doubt! I receive so many compliments whenever I apply this to my skin with the response of “have you been on your holidays recently?”.

To apply this self-tanning mousse, I simply couldn’t it apply with it a better mitt. The mitt I use it, of course, the Bali Body Luxe tanning Mitt I have hyperlinked it for you, to save you searching for it.

How to apply Bali Body self-tanning mousse

How to use Bali Body tanning mousse
  1. Apply moisturizer lotion to elbows, hands, knees and ankles
  2. Shake the bottle and pump onto the tanning mitt
  3. Use long sweeping motions, starting from the bottom of the ankles and work upwards to the rest of your body
  4. Make sure all areas of your body are covered, with the residue left on the mitt, simply glide over hands and feet.

How to apply Bali Body self-tanning mousse to face

As said further up the article, the tanning mousse is safe to use on your face. I have a way of applying this to my face to ensure it doesn’t clump in one area. I simply pump some onto the mitt, and I use a fluffy/dense makeup brush to put into the mousse and use regular motions from my neck upwards. I alternate between the self-tanning water (as mentioned above) and this product. They both work wonders!

How to wash Bali Body mitt

This is quite simple to do. After each tan application, I rinse with warm soapy water. I then leave the mitt to dry overnight, so if you want to apply some fake tan using the mitt make sure you allow enough time for it to dry.

How to clean Bali Body mitt

Bali Body Mini Self Tan Mousse

Great news! There is also a mini self-tanning mousse you can purchase, perhaps if you want to test the product out before buying the full-size mousse. This mini-sized mousse can even be used for travel purposes, due to its size.

Bali Body Mini Self Tan Mousse

In the captions I have linked each Bali Body product, making it easy for you to find. If you would like to find out more information, then simply visit

I hope you have found this article interesting, but for now, take care
Talia x