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Some of us love embracing our stretch marks and some of us don’t like the look of them. We should love our bodies the way that they are. It can be hard I know, but in this post I will be sharing the benefits of coffee scrub for stretch marks. It has many other skin benefits as well as helping your skin become smoother.

Benefits of coffee scrub for stretch marks

What are the benefits of a coffee scrub for stretch marks?

Coffee scrubs, have many ways which can help reduce stretch marks as well as containing other skin benefits. Normally coffee scrubs are mixed with coffee grounds, salt and sugar. With it containing these ingredients it helps to create a great exfoliation scrub.

Exfoliation scrubs are well known to help remove dead skin cells making your skin feel smoother. With a coffee scrub, the coffee grounds alone act like a natural exfoliation scrub. Caffeine when applied to the skin directly, helps to stimulate circulation of blood which helps for cell regeneration.

Why you should use a coffee scrub

1 – The caffeine in the coffee scrub helps to increase the production of collagen
2 – The coffee grains help to tackle rough and hard skin
3 – Using a coffee scrub can help to lighten and tighten skin, thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks
4 – Coffee contains antioxidant properties, the skin absorbs those properties that then help to prevent premature ageing

The coffee scrub I love to use, and in fact this was my first ever coffee scrub that I purchased and since then… I haven’t chosen another. It is the Frank Body Coconut Coffee scrub (I will link below).

So not only does this coffee scrub work to benefit your skin, but on top of that it has a gorgeous scent of coconut. I adore using this to help get my fake tan off as well using it when not wearing fake tan. It not only helps to scrub off the old dead skin cells but also leaves your skin feeling so moisturised and fresh.

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