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Coffee. Yummy to drink whilst giving us a perfect caffeine boost, but what are the benefits of coffee scrub on face? In this article I will share some benefits of coffee, and how coffee can help your skin in different ways. Let’s get on with it!

Benefits of coffee scrub on face

1. It removes dead skin cells

The coffee scrub acts as an exfoliation scrub. Which helps to remove the dead skin cells. The coffee has anti-oxidant properties, which help to generate new skin cells.

2. It improves the texture of your skin

By getting rid of the dead skin cells, by using the coffee scrub will help to improve the texture of your skin. A smoother skin will mean that your makeup will go on more effortlessly, leaving your skin feeling smoother than ever.

3. It improves blood circulation

Using a coffee scrub which contains caffeine also known to act as a stimulant, which will help to improve the blood circulation of blood (on which part of the body you use it on).

4. It helps to reduce inflammation

Coffee contains chlorogenic acids, that help to reduce inflammation. It will help to clear clogged pores and soften lines on your face.

I thoroughly enjoy using a coffee scrub. Do I see a difference? Yes I do. My skin feels more smoother and looks healthier due to the glow it leaves. I use FrankBody, for my coffee scrub. The great thing with Frankbody is that they do a range of different coffee scrubs that contain smells e.g. mint flavoured coffee scrub.

I use the Frankbody after I have showered myself in lukewarm water, and gently with my bare hands scrub the coffee into my skin in circular motions. My all time favourite is the mint scent, as it leaves my skin feeling amazing and smelling gorgeous!

That is all for now, take care and stay safe!
Talia x