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Now we all love the designer look, but we sometimes can’t always afford £1000+ on a bag. Yes it is expensive, but again you are paying for the designer look and style. Do not worry, here I have listed some of Gucci Marmont Bag dupes, very similar style but just a big difference in price!

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Gucci was founded in 1921 in Florence Italy by Guccio Gucci. Gucci product lines include shoes, bags, makeup and also clothes. Gucci first came out with the Marmont bag in 2016 during the Fall/Winter show. The price is due to the brand but also due to its high quality leather.

In this article, I will be sharing some of my favourite dupe copies of the Gucci Marmont Bag which are from I will post a photo of the dupe as well as give a brief description of the bag itself. Happy reading!

Hannah Small Flap Bag Leather CG Logo Black

Hannah Flap Bag Leather CG Logo Black

Here is a great dupe copy. Having a black bag is always a good purchase as it can go with a range of colours, or even just a simple black outfit to give you that sophisticated look.

It comes with link chain straps, so you can choose to wear this across your body or on your shoulder. If you simply want it as a clutch bag, tuck in the chain and place it under your arm!

Width 6.7”/17cm
Height 3.9”/ 10cm
Depth 2”/ 5cm

New Arrivals

Hannah Flap Mini Bag Faux Leather CG Logo Red

Hannah Flap Mini Bag Faux Leather CG Logo Red

The same dupe copy as the one I listed above which has a slightly different style. On this dupe copy there is no chain going across the top of the flap, oh and just its in a bright red colour. Does it stand out? Yes it definitely does! This cute little bag comes in a black, pink and white which I will share below too.

It comes with a gold chain strap, in which you wear this bag in whichever style you want to with your outfit.

Width 7.9”/20cm
Height 4.7”/ 12cm
Depth 2.8”/ 7cm

Hannah Flap Small Bag Velvet Faux Leather CG Logo Bright Blue

Hannah Flap Small Bag Velvet Faux Leather CG Logo Bright Blue

Now a similar design to the first one, due to the chain being featured going across the top of the flap, however the material! Here we have a velvet faux leather in this gorgeous bright blue colour.

Whether you choose to wear this in the summer with a white dress, or in the winter with an all black suit, it will be grabbing attention! This bag also comes in a lovely beautiful red velvet colour, in which I will link below!

Hannah Flap Small Bag Velvet Faux Leather CG Logo Red

Width 9.1”/23cm
Height 5.9”/ 15cm
Depth 2.8”/ 7cm

I hope you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to check out my other fashion dupe articles! For now, take care and stay safe
Talia x