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A lot of people have heard about the benefits of doing skipping, but are not sure on which one to pick. In this article I will be sharing some of the best skipping ropes for beginners. Some have different handles, some are made from different materials, but I will cover these in the article.

Here are the top 3 best skipping ropes for beginners

1. DEGOL Skipping Rope with Ball Bearings

  • 6’inch memory foam handles
  • Adjustable rope length
  • PVC embedded wire rope (reducing the risk of cracking or breaking)

Here we have the Degol skipping rope. It comes with an adjustable length of a 9 inch cable, allowing you to lengthen or shorten to your comfort. Each handle is 6 inches each, which is made from EVA-inner sponge and EVA-outer sponge. The inner sponge helps to absorb sweat, whilst being moisture-proof. The outer sponge makes it soft and comfortable to use and hold.

2. Multifun Jump Rope, Speed Skipping Rope with Calorie Counter

  • A calorie counter is built into the skipping rope
  • Comes in a range of colours: black, light blue, white and black pink
  • Steel rope protected by PVC sheathing, making it suitable for working out on hard surfaces e.g. patio, pavement

Here we have the Multifun jump rope, which also comes with a built in calorie counter. The calorie counter records your weight, number of jumps, workout time and burned calories. Unlike other cheaper skipping ropes, this skipping rope is made with steel ball bearings, which gives you a smoother rotation due to it being less resistant to rotating. The rope is made from steel which is protected by PVC sheathing, making it more durable and reducing the risk of cracking or breaking.

3. SPORTBIT Jump Rope

  • The skipping rope comes in two colours; black and red
  • It comes with an e-book, giving you a guide on how to skip rope, and how to get most out of your jump rope
  • These are weighted ropes, to ensure that you feel the rope spin, giving you more control when jumping

This skipping rope is suitable for any height. It comes with an easily adjustable cable that you can cut, to your desired length. The e-book gives you some information in to which how you should cut the rope to your height. The skipping rope also has an easily spinning clip which is ideal for double-unders.

What to look for in skipping ropes when buying for beginners

The rope material

When starting off as a beginner when it comes to jump rope, plastic and PVC are ideal as they are affordable, durable and lightweight. IF you are looking for a more speedy skipping, in which this would be moderate level, then it is not ideal to use a skipping rope with plastic and PVC for its rope.

The comfort of the handles

There is nothing worse than trying to use your skipping rope to do a workout and the handles on the skipping rope are so hard and tough, that they begin to rub and give you blisters. So make sure you look at the comfort of the skipping rope handles before buying!

So I hope you found this article informative! In case you did not know, research has found that 10 minutes of active jump roping, is equivalent of 30 minutes of swimming so I mean…that’s pretty good right? Anyway take care and stay safe
Talia x