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Yes your hair can recover from bleaching by following some self-care tips (that I will link below) and being patient whilst carrying these out. The most obvious thing to do to stop the biggest impact of hair damage from bleaching is to stop bleaching your hair in the first place. Take some time away, and begin to reduce the amount of bleach you put your hair under. In the blog post, I will be sharing some other tips for you to carry out to help bring back the healthier properties back into your hair.

5 tips on how you can recover your hair from bleaching

Step away from the heat tool

Another easy way to reduce damage to your hair on top of bleaching. Now this means reducing how many times you use the straighteners, curlers and hair dryer. You may feel like you cannot live without any of them but you will begin to see significant good impact when you begin to reduce the time and heat spent under each heat tool. You want to reduce the frizzy dry ends. If you need to use a heat tool then ensure you are using a heat protectant and using it on the lowest heat.

My favourite heat protectant that I have used for years is the ‘KERASTASE nutritive Nectar thermique’ which is a leave-in heat protectant. Not only does it do its job, in protecting my hair but it smells and makes my hair feel so good! It is a cream, that you simply put in the palm of your hands and run through your hair from roots to the ends. It is a leave-in protectant so you simply blow dry your hair without washing it out. Kerastase may be on the pricey side, but for me looking back, I am glad I brought it as it has made a massive difference in my hair. So worth every penny for me!

Get rid of those dead ends

Well if you are wanting to make your hair look and feel healthier… you need to get rid of those dead ends. Simply get a trim and a good one, to ensure you are not only making the most out of your money when paying for a haircut but so that your hair feels/looks better. Don’t just simply cut off a tiny amount and expect a big difference, cut off a generous amount. A trim will make you feel better and make your hair look better too.

Get using those hair masks

I cannot emphasise how good hair masks are! I never used to take much care of my hair. Until I began to see my hair suffering. I have long thick hair and even though my hair is thick, it needs even more treatment.

My go to hair mask is is the ‘Olaplex Bond Intense Moisture Mask’. Everyone speaks about the Olaplex no.3 hair mask but this new mask, I have FELL IN LOVE WITH! Not only does it smells gorgeous but when I mean it makes your hair so silky and smooth…as if you have just had a hair dresser blow dry your hair. Like yes, it does wonder. Not only does the results do wonders but it last’s for ages. For someone like me who has a ton of hair, it still lasts me around 3 months and that is me doing it once a week.

Be Patient

Sadly there isn’t a magic wand that will et amazing hair overnight, you need to be giving your hair self-care every week. Carry on looking after your hair every day and it will begin to show you results over time. Doing the small things everyday to make a change will result in big things over time. For example investing in using a silk pillow. Overtime you will begin to see a reduced amount of hair loss as you sleep due to the soft silk texture.

Take your vitamins

Ensure you are use/take good vitamins that help contribute to hair growth. You can do this by either taking vitamin tablets or by simply using a vitamin spray on your hair. There are many types you can get, so have a look through, if you have any health underlying conditions of course consult with your doctor first and ensure you purchase vitamins from a checked pharmacy/ or prescribed by your doctor.

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog post on ‘ Can my hair recover from bleaching ‘.

Take care,
Talia x