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The Chloe Woody tote bags look gorgeous but are more on the pricey side. Well, I am back again writing a blog post for you to give you some inspired alternatives that look similar to the Chloe Woody bag. Depending on what part of the World you are located in when reading this, the summer may be approaching or winter is approaching. For a bag like this, these are great to use all year. In the winter with a gorgeous beige coat or even in the summer with a long white dress on. I will now get on with the blog and share some Chloe Woody tote bag dupes/inspired bags that I have found.

Chloe Woody tote-inspired dupe-
Hidora Women Canvas Satchel Handbag Shoulder Bag Totebag With Chain

Here we have a canvas tote bag, with a chain feature across the front. It comes with a sturdy handle and a detachable chain. It is a multi-purpose bag, so you can choose to carry it with the handles or use the chain and make it into a shoulder bag.

The handle is made from a strong PU material helping it to be sturdy. The bag contains two document holders with a large pocket. The bag comes in a range of different colors to match any occasion.

Alison Beach Shopping Large Tote

chloe woody tote bag dupes

This bag is from BagsInc. Baginc has a range of different dupe bags and the quality is so good! I of course had to have a look on there for one of these bags and I have found one with a similar style to the Canvas bag.

The bag is made from high-quality canvas with leather and comes in 3 sizes in total. Yes, you guessed it, small, medium, or large. So whether you want to use the larger one for perhaps a beach trip or use a smaller one for a shopping day out. The large tote, comes at a width of 38cm, a depth of 12cm and a height of 33cm. I thoroughly love using canvas totes, for me, I just find them so handy and different to the normal tote bags.

chloe woody tote bag dupes

Chloe Woody tote inspired dupe-
BeeGreen Initial Personalized Canvas Tote Bag

Another Amazon find, but one with your initial personalised on it! For me I adore initial items, it makes it feel more personal to me and that fewer people would normally have it as fewer of those would have the same initial as you. This Canvas tote bag is a great size so it can be used for food shopping if you wanted to.

The bag comes with Personalised high-density embroidery with handles that are stuffed with cotton making the handles durable. The bag contains heavy canvas on the outside, it helps to reduce moisture getting into the bag. The structure of this canvas bag really caught my eye, it can be frustrating at times to have a canvas bag that is flimsy and has no structure.

Burlap Tote Bags, YACEYACE Tote Bag Pack of 3

Now if your like me and like simplicity, then you will like these Canvas bags that I have listed below. They come in a pack of 3, more ideal for bridesmaid gifts but who says you can’t have more than 2 of the same bag?

With these bags, there is a strong smell but they have stated that the smell goes after a couple of days (read more information about this in the Amazon description listed by the seller. It contains a covered film, where the interior is covered with a waterproof film.

With the blank canvas, you can even choose to do your own design or just leave it blank. Get one for your daughter to paint on and use it for her school bag perhaps!

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this blog post on Chloe Woody tote bag dupes!

Take care and stay safe,
Talia x