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The main difference between cleansing water and a toner is that cleansing water helps to cleanse your face, whilst a toner helps to moisturise your skin and balance the PH of your skin. It is sensible to use a cleansing water product before using a toner, as it helps to remove any dirt, oil or makeup from the skin. This will help to ensure that your face is as clean as possible before applying toners that help to contract the pores on your skin. Do not worry though, as in this blog post I will be going into deeper content in terms of what a cleansing product does and what a toner does, then comparing them both against one another. I will make this blog post, simple to read and straight to the point to ensure that you leave this blog post knowing more on the main differences between cleansing water vs toner.

What is cleansing water?

Let’s get straight into it.

Cleansing water, is definitely something you should be incorporating into your skin care routine without a doubt. As mentioned earlier, the clue is in the name. ‘Cleansing’ cleansing water is a skincare product that helps to remove dirt, makeup, oil, dead skin cells or any other pollutants from the skin. The difference between a cleansing balm and a cleansing water, is that the cleansing water is a water based product with light hydration for the skin. Some cleansing products are intense for the skin and can cause your skin to become dry. A cleansing water is a great way to ensure that your skin is not left with extreme dryness but is still cleaning the pores.

Going to bed with makeup on your face after a long night out? Not ideal. You will only regret it in the morning, even using a makeup wipe to get rid of 90% makeup is better than nothing. You should be cleansing your face where possible. Having dirt and clogged up pores, will only lead to spots if you do not clean those pores.

Do you wash off cleansing water?

You do not need to wash off cleansing water, however it can leave some surfactants behind on the layer of your skin. Simply just use warm water to wash your face after using the cleansing water. It is not essential that you wash your cleansing water from your face, you can carry on with your skincare routine as normal.

How do you use water cleanser?

Simple get a cotton ball or cotton pad. Pour a fair amount onto the pad/ball and begin in circular motions across your face and neck. Do not be surprised if you need to use more than one pad/ball, this will help to sufficiently cleanse the skin. Having a cleansing water is great for a makeup remover when you have not got access to water e.g. camping!

What is a toner?

A toner is a liquid cosmetic that is used to close pores, moisturise and balance the PH of the skin. Using a toner in your skin care routine will help to protect skin from environmental aggressors that might be trying to sit in the pores of your skin. There are a range of toners that are on the market, it is really just finding one that suits you best. Toners are not essential in your skin care however, but they do carry a range of benefits that I listed earlier.

How do I use a toner on my skin? It is simpler than you think. Use a cotton ball/pad (like you would when using a cleansing water). Pour a fair amount onto the pad/ball, and begin to swipe across your face in circular motions. Ensure that you include your neck when toning your face too!

When should we use toner?

You should use a toner after cleansing your face before moisturising. This is your second step of your skincare routine. Use a toner twice daily. Cleanse your face in the morning then use a toner and the same before bed. When applying a toner in the morning it will help to remove any oil produced whilst you sleep and help to balance your skin’s PH.

Can I skip moisturiser after toner?

This is personal choice depending on your skin type. Some toners in the market are humectants, which means that they like to attract moisture. If your skin type is dry and you feel that your toner does not provide enough moisture for your skin, then by all means use a moisturiser. Likewise if your skin is oily, it might not be ideal to use a moisture after as this can cause the skin to become too oily.

What are the best cleansing waters?

Right so this is from personal experience. I will be listing my top best cleansing waters that worked for me. I have a slightly oily skin type. I have to be careful with moisturisers to ensure that they are not too thick for my skin, otherwise I do have breakouts.

Garnier Cleansing Water, Hydrating, For Normal to Dry Skin, 13.5 Fl Oz

Here we have my go to cleansing water. I have been using this product for over 4 years now and I love it. Whenever I was in a hurry to take off my makeup or simply just cleanse my face, I would use makeup wipes to remove the dirt. I did not actually realise until a couple of weeks later, how many wipes I was using a day and how bad it was for the environment. I simply done some research and came across this cleansing water. I have not gone back to makeup wipes since!

This cleansing water is good for normal to dry skin types, helping to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive Skin Twin Pack

Here we have another cleansing water. This cleansing water is for sensitive skin, that again helps to clean your skin and get rid of any dirt whilst keeping it hydrated. The cleansing water does not contain any colour, harsh chemicals or artificial perfume, allowing it to be ideal for sensitive skin.

What are the best toners?

I will be listing my top best toners. Again this is from my own personal experience!

ELEMIS Facial Toner | Gentle, Alcohol-Free Treatment Mist Hydrates

Ahhh! My favourite toner ever! I have used many toners before and for me, it just leaves my face feeling so tight and dry. This toner on the other hand just makes my face feel so new and refreshed. The gorgeous smell of apricot helps to contribute to the feeling of newness. The tone is in a mist form, so I simply spray across my face and neck once I have cleansed my face.

Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner

Mario Badescu products are also in my top best skincare brands. This toner is for dry/sensitive skin containing no fragrance. With Aloe vera being one of the main ingredients, it helps to reduce irritation and helps to remove any dirt that may be lying in your pores. This toner is more of a liquid lotion based, compared to a mist (like the one I listed above). I simply use a cotton pad and pump out a generous amount and use circular motions across my face and neck.

Is it okay to use micellar water and toner?

Yes it is okay to use micellar water and toner in your skin care routine. Ensure that you use the micellar (cleansing water) first then follow with the toner afterwards. Remember that the micellar water acts like a water based cleaning product, that helps to remove any debris from the skin.

Using cotton pads/balls to apply the cleansing water and the toner are one of the best ways to apply these products. However if you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can buy an re-usable pad from Amazon. I use a re-usable pad myself just so that I do not have to keep spending money on the cotton pads and throwing one away after each use.

I use the Greenzla pads (listed below), they are made from 100% bamboo cotton and to simply clean them, you throw them in the washing machine with the laundry bag given! Since finding re-usable face pads, I have not gone back to the non-usable pads/balls. Knowing to myself that I have not go to worry about running out of them and that they just simply need a wash, helps to make my skin routine a lot easier and simpler.

That is all for now for this blog post. I hope it helped you and allowed you to learn about cleansing waters and toners i.e. what is the difference between a cleansing water and toner.

Take a look at my other blog post’s whilst your here, feel free to explore my blog and have a look round!

Take care, and stay safe for now