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Whether you have thin or thick hair, sometimes we just want to grow our hair as naturally as possible. You might of tried all of the essential oils, but want to still give it a bit of an extra boost. In this article I will be answering the article title which is do head massages promote hair growth?

So do scalp massagers promote hair growth?

Yes it helps. When carrying out a scalp massage, you are stretching the cells of the follicles. Research has shown that by stretching the cells, it stimulates the follicles to produce thicker hair due to the hair growth. You can choose to massage your hair with just your bare hands, with or without oil.

I like to use a hair mask, whilst massaging my scalp. I use a scalp massager brush, which is silicone free and soft on my scalp that works to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp. I carry out this method twice a week, and I have not only seen my hair look longer but also feel really shiny and strong. The scalp massager not only helps to stretch my hair cells but also helps at product buildup of excess oil and any dirt.

Here is one I like to use. It has a handle making it easy to grip and use even when in the shower or bath. The silicone bristles help to stimulate blood flow as well as deep clean the scalp. I wash my brush once a week, just to ensure it is kept clean before using it on my hair.

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