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Coconut oil helps your lashes to grow thicker and fuller, not necessarily longer. Having lashes which are fuller and thicker, will give the illusion of ‘longer lashes’. Coconut oil will help to prevent your lashes falling out as frequently, giving you a fuller look.

The coconut oil when used on your lashes help to moisturise and protect hair from protein loss and damage. With less damage and less protein loss, this will prevent the amount of eyelashes that fall out day to day. The results may not be instant but overtime you can see improvements in your lashes, also providing you take care of your lashes in other ways.

does coconut oil help eyelashes grow?

Coconut oil contains a range of benefits. Not only just beauty benefits but also health benefits. It contains vitamin E which is an essential vitamin for providing healthy skin and hair (as well as many other benefits). Vitamin E contains natural antioxidants, that help to contribute to healthy hair growth.

Below I have shared a coconut oil. I use coconut oil on my lashes in particular, but it can be used as a hair conditioner and a body moisturiser. I simply take a cotton bud, and get a tiny amount of coconut oil and rub it along my lash line. I am gentle in this process, and I try to cover my lashes in the oil from root to tip.

I leave this on overnight and simply wash it off gently in the morning with warm water.

That is all for now, take care and stay safe!
Talia x