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Hey!! We all love a good designer dupe! Getting a similar style of bag for a much more affordable price. Across my website, I share many designer dupes that I have found. I share designer look-alikes, designer bag dupes and designer-inspired accessories. Many come in different colours, and some are simply amazon designer dupes. Let’s get on with it… here are the dupe designer bags, that I have found when researching.

Longchamp dupes – dupe designer bag

longchamp dupes
dupe designer bag

Longchamp bags can be relatively expensive. A dupe is known as a cheaper alternative to higher-end products. So if you are looking for Longchamp dupes you have come to the right place. I have gathered some together that I find are the best dupes for the Longchamp bags.

Best Gucci Marmont Dupes – designer dupe

Gucci Marmont dupes 
dupe designer bag

Now we all love the designer look, but we sometimes can’t always afford £1000+ on a bag. Yes, it is expensive, but again you are paying for the designer look and style. Do not worry, here I have listed some of the Gucci Marmont Bag dupes, very similar styles but just a big difference in price!

Best Gucci Dionysus bag dupes – dupe designer bag

gucci dionysus dupes
Dupe Designer bags

Gucci. Gucci a well known designer brand. All you need to see is the logo, pattern or design to know it’s Gucci. In this blog post, I will be sharing some Gucci Dionysus bag dupes. They are a very similar style but just a big difference in price!

Best Goyard Dupes – best designer dupe

goyard dupes
Dupe Designer bags

Goyard. Goyard is a French trunk and leather goods maker founded in 1853 by Pierre-François Martin. It is highly recognisable due to its chevron-printed canvas and is well known for its high quality leather travel goods. In this article I will be sharing some of the best Goyard dupes that I have found for you guys.

Bottega Veneta Look alike clutch

bottega veneta dupes
Dupe Designer bags

Bottega Veneta has a gorgeous collection of clutch bags. One for different events. Bottega Veneta can be expensive so, if you love the style of these bags, I will be sharing some of my favourite Bottega Veneta look-alike clutch bags in this post.

Cult Gaia dupes – designer dupe bag

cult gaia dupes
Dupe Designer bags

Cult Gaia is a well-known high-end fashion brand founded by Jasmin Larian. It is well known for its high-quality clothing, bags and shoes. Their unique style of products can come at a high price. If you like the style of Cult Gaia but are not sure about the price, look no further because, in this blog post, I will share some Cult Gaia dupes.

Hermes Birkin Bag dupes – dupe designer bag

hermes birkin bag dupes
Dupe Designer bags

Finally, I have managed to find some Hermes Birkin bag dupes! Whenever I hear the name Hermes I instantly think of the Birkin bags. One look at the style of the bag and you already know that is Hermes or Hermes-inspired.

Google the price of a Hermes Birkin bag… come back to my page after and have a good look as in the post I am sharing some of the best Hermes Birkin bags dupes that I have found!

Chanel Bag dupe – dupe designer bag

chanel inspired bags
Dupe Designer bags

We all love the designs of the Chanel bags, however, some can be on the pricey side.
These bags do have not got the Chanel logo, however, they are really good design copies, making them really great Chanel dupes. In this blog, I will be sharing some Chanel bag dupes.

Hermes Oran Sandal dupes – amazon designer dupes

hermes oran sandal dupes
best dupes on amazon

Hermes. A well-known designer brand known for its luxurious clothes and bags. I have done other blog posts on Hermes dupes, but in this blog, however, I will be focusing on Hermes oran dupe. The sandals are well known for their classic design, so nothing better than a duped copy which is a similar style just saving the funds!

Tory Burch Sandal dupes – designer dupe

tory burch sandal dupes
designer dupes on amazon

Tory Burch sandals are the go to sandals for the summer season. Ideally we love the style, however sometimes cannot afford the price. Do not stress, in this blog post I will share some of the Tory Burch Miller sandal dupes that I have found on Amazon.

Yeezy dupes Amazon – best amazon dupes

designer dupes amazon

Now we all love the style of Yeezy however it can be expensive. Yeezy was founded in 2019, by Kanye West. Yeezy’s are so high in demand, as only a small batch of items are released, making them harder to get i.e making them more exclusive. In this blog post, I will be sharing some Yeezy dupes that I have found on Amazon.

Lululemon shorts dupes Amazon – best amazon dupes

designer dupes on amazon 
Dupe Designer bags

Now you may or may not of heard of the brand ‘Lululemon’ before. Lululemon is an athletic apparel retailer which was founded in 1998. It is known for its high-quality yoga and activewear pieces. Lululemon can be more on the pricer side however the items are made with premium material. Lululemon clothes can be more on the dearer side of things, so who wouldn’t want to get Lululemon shorts for a much cheaper price? Look no further, I will be sharing some Lululemon short dupes from Amazon!

Cartier dupes – designer dupe

cartier dupes
Dupe Designer bags

Cartier was first founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. Cartier’s headquarters are in Paris, France. It is a well-known a luxury brand that also retains its value over time. The brand is valued at an estimated $10.2 billion.

Some Cartier products range from $30,000-50,000! In this article, I will be sharing the best Cartier dupes that I have come across on Amazon!

Hermes Avalon blanket dupes – best amazon dupes

designer dupes amazon
hermes avalon blanket dupe

Hermes. A very high-end french brand that the majority of people know of. Hermes is known for its high-quality products ranging from fashion, bags, furniture, jewellery. Thierry Hermès was the founder of Hermes back in 1837. Hermes prices are high, so who wouldn’t want to get a Hermes styled blanket for a much cheaper price? Look no further, I will be sharing some Hermes Avalon blanket dupes!

Whenever I write a blog post on any designer dupes, I will add to this blog post just so that it makes it easier for you guys to locate any new designer dupe posts that I do on my website!

Take care,
Talia x