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Hello! Welcome to my third edition of reviewing GlossyBox subscription boxes! Whether this is your first time, having no idea of what GlossyBox is I will go into greater depth below.

It is a subscription box delivering beauty and cosmetics samples to your door. It is available in ten countries! The samples are samples of higher-priced products for you to try. I loved this idea, as there is nothing worse than spending lots of money on a beauty product to only find that your skin doesn’t work well with it. Not forgetting it gives me a chance to try out beauty products that I probably wouldn’t even look to buy.

GlossyBox offers different prices for different types of subscriptions. Some are monthly subscriptions, and some you can pay for the full 12 months upfront if you wanted to.

GlossyBox November 2020

So we have 5 products this month ranging from a repairing deep hair condition to a glitter gel mask. I have heard of a couple of brands in this months edition, Spectrum and Hask. I am excited to try out all of these brands this month.

So here we have the Lasplash Cosmetics magic palette. It consists of 8 different shades. Some of which are matte and some of which are shimmery. The colours in this palette give me a sense of dark autumn vibes. With the shades of orange and brown’s it is a range of colours, to give you that bold looking eye shadow.

Glossybox November 2020
Glossybox November 2020

The pigments of eye shadow are roughly 1g each per pot.
The eight colours in the palette are named:
Tigers Eye
Rose Quartz

Glossybox November 2020

A brand I have always wanted to try but never got round to purchasing something! This is a limited edition brush from the Spectrum collection. It has a defined flame shape, which allows the eye shadow to effortlessly glide across the lid as well into the crease of the eye. There is nothing worse than getting a brush that is extremely stiff and stiff, resulting in your eyeshadow clumping in one place.

Glossybox November 2020

It comes in a cute little star package, and I will say this is one of the softest eye shadow brushes I have come across. I am impressed and will be looking at more spectrum brushes especially for the face!

Glossybox November 2020

This is a product that I had no idea existed! It is a hydrating gel mask, which is enriched with recharging moonstone extract and glitter shimmer particles leaving your skin looking glowing and nourished.

Glossybox November 2020

Simply apply the liquid gel mask to your clean fingertips and use circular motions on your face. Leave this on your face for up to 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

The clay mask is a hard-working beauty hero that works to rejuvenate dull and tired skin while brightening dark circles and pigmentation. I am loving the product packaging for this product, the colour of the product is a lovely violet colour and the product I must say it is so clear and professional looking.

Glossybox November 2020

It contains witch hazel to extract excess oil, Vitamin E to protect against free radicals and desert lime to boost hydration. Not forgetting that this product is vegan friendly and cruelty-free!

Another brand that I have heard of before but never got round to testing. I will say that the packaging is highly packed which is a very good thing especially for a sample. This product is a hair mask, which is used to strengthen and restore dry and damaged hair.

Glossybox November 2020

It is formulated with organic argan oil which helps to reduce split ends whilst leaving hair feeling silky soft. It is recommended to use this at least once a week, where over time your hair will improve.

That is all from me lovelies! I hope you enjoyed my GlossyBox October 2020 review. Hope you are taking care and staying safe!
Talia x