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Bronzing tanning lotion acts as an accelerator for your skin. Most bronzing tanning lotions help to increase the body’s production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives colour to your hair, skin and eyes that also absorbs harmful rays and helps to protect/reduce cellar damage from UV light exposure. Melanin is made in the melanocytes. Darker skin types will have more active melanocytes, which allows them to have dark skin, those who have lighter skin have melanocytes that are less active giving them lighter skin. Melanosomes are packets of melanin that release melanin into the keratinocytes (our protective cells). In lighter skin, the melanosomes release fewer melanin granules than in darker skin.

Bronzing tanning lotions help to increase your body’s production of melanin, allowing your skin to go darker. Bronzers are added to tanning lotions to help give yourself some colour i.e. enhance your tan. Our skin can be uneven at times with patches of different pigments. Using a bronzing tanning lotions will help to blend colour, allowing you to have an even colour all over.

There are a range of different types of bronzing tanning lotions that you can purchase. I apply fake tan myself if I am unable to get away to a hot country. Throughout the year I apply moisturisers, ideally ones that contain bronzing properties in, just to help give my skin a glow especially during the winter months where there is less sun. However don’t get confused between gradual tanning lotions and bronzer tanning lotions. Gradual tanning lotions will work throughout the year even when not exposed to sunlight. Bronzer tanning lotions will work best when exposed to UV light, as this will help to produce Melanin. Whether it be sunbeds, or just yourself relaxing on a pool side bed, tanning lotions work best then.

Bronzer vs Accelerator

An accelerator will help to increase the production of Melanin in your body. Whereas a bronzer will help to give some colour to your skin to give you a healthy looking glow. An accelerator contains ingredients that will hydrate and tan your skin as well as work with the melanin in your skin. The colour that is produced after using an accelerator is the colour that your melanin produces. Think of a bronzer as a makeup bronzer, it can help you achieve a glowing colour when you need it and will wash off. Using an accelerator has more of a deeper affect.

Does bronzer tan your skin?

Yes bronzer does tan your skin. This helps to give your skin more of a coloured glow. It however does not act like a tanning lotion by increasing your body’s production of melanin, it simply acts as some colour to help you achieve that sun-kissed look. Bronzer will help to give you a glow however it will wash off within a couple of days. If you are wanting a longer lasting tan, use a tanning lotion/accelerator as this will create a deeper longer lasting tan.

Does bronzer in tanning lotion wash off?

When you tan it the full process takes up to 48 hours to fully develop. The bronzer however will wash off from your skin, within 1-2 days after applying it. You will however still be left with a glowing colour from the natural tan, so do not fear that you would be left with no colour!

How long does tanning bronzer last?

A high-quality tanning bronzer can last up to a full week, providing you have prepared your skin beforehand. Preparing your skin beforehand would be exfoliating before and ensuring you get rid of dead skin that may be laying on your skins surface. Not forgetting to moisturise after each exfoliation session. Simple things like patting your skin dry once you are out the shower and using a balance shower gel that doesn’t have harsh chemicals which may leave your skin dry will help to prepare your tan to last longer.

How long after using bronzer can I shower?

You should normally wait around 2-3 hours at least before washing off your bronzer. Washing away the bronzer tanning lotion can reduce the effectiveness of the tan. Waiting 2-3 hours allows for the tan to work at its best throughout your skin and body giving you the best out of your tan.

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion, 8.5 Fluid Ounce

Here we have the Australian gold dark tanning accelerator lotion. Australian gold are my go to brand when using sun-screen/lotion. The smell of this brand is gorgeous, it simply smells like holiday. All of the Australian Gold products are made with real, nutrient-rich Australian ingredients. This accelerator contains Vitamins A&E that help to contribute to your skins health.

Simply use this before being exposed to sun light, and this will help you get those tanning results you desire.

Of course bear in mind that you should use an SPF as much as you can when exposed to sunlight due to the UV rays. If there are any changes in your skin, ensure that you see a doctor.

I try to limit my time using sun beds and ensuring I use an SPF when I know I am going to be exposed to sunlight. The only other way for me to tan without being exposed to sunlight is using fake tan. I thoroughly like to use a gradual fake tanning moisturiser, as it not only gives me colour but it also ensures my skin is hydrated. I simply apply before I go to sleep, and by the morning I have developed a sun-kissed glow to my skin that is hydrated. I have olive skin, so I tan very well but it doesn’t mean that I do not need to look after my skin.

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog post on how does bronzer tanning lotion work!
Take care and stay safe
Talia x