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Now if you have read my other post, which discuss’s do scalp massages promote hair growth. However in this article I will be answering how often to massage scalp for hair growth. I will share some of my own hair routine, and how I look after my hair with some of my favourite hair products.

So how often do I massage scalp for hair growth?

So it is recommended to massage your scalp at least 2 times everyday if you are looking to boost your results. You can choose to either massage with or without oil and with your hands or even a head massager brush.

As mentioned in my other blog post, massaging your scalp helps to increase hair thickness by stretching cells (outdoor wall) of the hair follicles. By regularly doing this, it stimulates the follicles to produce hair growth.

Of course if you choose to, you can massage your scalp if needed. I sometimes tend to do it whenever I feel slightly stressed or when I am doing my hair treatment.

Now I know hair products can be on the pricey side of things. However I do not mind spending some money if the hair products work. I will list my favourite products below and list how to use them whilst there features.

Here we have the Olaplex Intensive Bond Building Treatment. Now this is usually paired with the Olaplex No.3 (will link that below). The intensive bond building treatment also known as No.0 helps prime hair for deeper repair. It rebuilds hair bonds, strengthens, this is part of two step routine along with No.3.

So ideally I tend to use this on my hair when my hair isn’t too greasy. I mean for me, it would be after a day of me washing my hair. I use these No.0 on my hair and cover it from roots to the end. Ensuring I rub it throughout and make my hair damp with the treatment. I leave this on for 10 minutes (recommended by Olaplex).

Once the 10 minutes is up, I apply the No.3 over roots to ends leaving No.0 and No.3 in my hair. I wait around 15 minutes and then rise off using Olaplex shampoo and conditioner (No.4 and No.5). Wow is my hair feeling amazing after this treatment!

That is all for now! I hope you enjoyed my blog post ‘ how often to massage scalp for hair growth ‘.
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