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Firstly ensure your face is clean. Use warm water and a cleanser. Now apply an ice cube on the pimple, whilst ensuring the ice cube is wrapped in tissue. Ensure you do not just hold the ice cube on the affected area but also around the affected area for no longer than one minute. This will help reduce the size of the pimple as well as reduce any tissue damage.

Take breaks after one minute applications, to ensure you do not apply too much of a cold pressure for long periods of time. Do not over do this. Using ice will help to bring debris to the surface, as tempting as it can be do not begin popping your spot. This can result in scarring.

Bear in mind that everyone has different skin types. If you feel any discomfort or see any changes then ensure you speak to your doctor and stop immediately.

Using a warm compress beforehand can help to open the pores and get rid of any debris. After this then you can use the ice cube to reduce swelling and to help reduce any skin damage to the vessels. I do incorporate ice cubes daily into my skin care routine. I find that it helps to reduce any inflammation that may be lying under the skin that is ready to pop out.

I use ice globes instead of ice cubes, I find that it is a lot easier to control and you do not have to worry about the aftermath of ice melting. You can get ice globes from Amazon at a reasonable price. I simply put them away in my freezer and leave them overnight before using them in the morning. The great thing with using ice globes is that you never need to refill the water inside of them!

If you are using ice globes across your skin, ensure you wash the ice globes after to get rid of any bacteria that you may have collected on your skin.

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog post on How to apply ice cubes on pimples!

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