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Some of us may of got to grips of how to stop your fake tan from going patchy on our bodies, but when it comes to our face it can be quite a struggle. In this article I will be sharing how to fake tan your face without it going patchy.

How to fake tan your face without it going patchy – easy 5 steps

1. Wash your face with a facial wash

There is not much point in washing your face with just warm water, you will open the pores, and not bother to get out any oil which is stuck inside. Use a facial wash to get that face of yours squeaky clean!

Below I have listed my favourite facial wash that I use everyday. It does wonders for my skin, it has a gorgeous smell-like of vegetables and plants giving you that fresh feeling when applying it to your skin,

2. Gently exfoliate your face

Exfoliation as you probably already know is important when your heading for that clean non streak tan on your body. So why would you not get rid of those dead skin cells on your face?

Use a facial scrub or an exfoliation pad either when you are in the shower or just washing your face with warm water. I either use exfoliation gloves as well a facial scrub, to allow me to get really into those pores and get rid of any old dirt. Below I have shared some exfoliation gloves, they are great and ideal as they mould around the shape of your hand to help you get in the small spaces.

3. Use cold water after exfoliating to close your pores

Warm water opens pores and cold water closes the pores. The reason as to why you would want to close your pores before you apply any fake tan is so that no fake tan clogs up and fills your pores. This can lead to some outbreaks in the skin, in which we are trying to minimise as well as keep that tan looking smooth and not patchy!

4. Lightly moisturise your face, to avoid any dry skin areas which can cause patchiness

Find a light moisturiser to use on your face. Leave the moisturiser to sink in for around 20 minutes before applying the fake tan. I like to use this Simple hydrating Light Moisturiser, as it hydrates my skin but does not leave my skin feeling too heavy with cream.

5. Put some tanning mousse onto your tanning mitt, but use a fluffy brush to apply to your face

The reason why, is because you have more control when using a brush. As the mitt is large, it can cause you to miss getting into the corners (in which do eventually show when the fake tan has developed). Using a brush, allows you to control how much to use on your face, what I mean by that is, if you put too much in an area, you can choose to swirl it with your brush to another area to reduce the intensity. I have tried it with a mitt myself before, and I found it extremely difficult… not forgetting I was left with patchy skin!

Not sure which fluffy brush, I recommend a brush such as a Kabaki/stipling brush. I use a ‘Wet n Wild’ brush, (one in which I listed below). The brush is a reasonable price and does the job perfectly fine, so why spend so much on a brush when one like this is equally as good!

I understand the struggle you might have when trying to get that sun-kissed fake tan look, especially on your face. That is why I wrote this article on how to fake tan your face without it going patchy. I hope you enjoyed it, take care!

Talia x