How to manifest on paper

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Manifestation is now my new favorite thing to do. I have listened to many podcasts and listen to many videos on what manifestation is and what the benefits are. There are many ways to manifest, including manifesting by writing and manifesting by visualization. In this post, I am going to share how to manifest on paper and also how to write manifestations. If you are looking at how to manifest something on paper, then you have come to the right blog post.

how to manifest on paper

How to manifest on paper

Now there are many different ways to manifest on paper, I have tried a range of different manifesting methods on paper but have only found one particular way that I can physically feel works when doing it. I wouldn’t advise using a blank piece of paper, after all, your mind will believe it is just a scrap piece of paper and that whatever you write on it won’t be worthwhile (however if you are happy to keep track of these manifestations on scrap paper then do it. I do recommend getting yourself a manifestation book/journal. Having a book or journal helps to keep your manifestations all in one place, in which they have a special home.

I like to use a manifestation journal to write down my manifestation on paper and keep it all together in one place. You can get these from Amazon, there are loads on Amazon but my personal favorite is the one linked below. I like the layout of the journal as it allows me to structure my thoughts and feelings of the day as well as using the 3-6-9 method.

As mentioned before, there are many different ways to manifest on paper but I am going to show you my favorite way that helps to get some clarity on your goals. You can choose whatever you wish to manifest, may your thinking to yourself right now, but how to manifest money on paper? It’s simply writing down a money manifestation goal.

Below I have written 5 easy steps on how to manifest on paper, again this is my preferred manifestation method. Feel free to use mine as a guide or create your own.

  1. Create small sub-headings on the page that are sub-categories of different areas of your life that you want to work on i.e. fitness, career, relationships
  2. Give yourself space under each subheading to write at least 5 manifestations for that sub-category.
  3. Begin to really think about what you want to manifest in this area for each category. An example for the career category – ‘I manifest attracting the perfect career for my talents’
  4. Write at least 5 each under each sub-heading
  5. Read back over your manifestations and feel free to re-write if you have a deeper thought that means more to you. If you are happy with those manifestations then leave them as it is

Once you have written down what your manifestation goals are, either write them up neater in your book if you haven’t already done so. You will now need to think about what actions you need to do to manifest these goals and ensure they are specific for that you clarify it with the universe. So if you have chosen ‘I manifest to lose weight’, well it needs to be more specific to start off with. So you lose 1lb of body fat, and is that your end goal? No, so make sure it’s as specific as possible.

how to manifest on paper

You will need to now think about what actions you will do that align with these manifestations. Let’s stick with the example of losing weight. Right, ok you have made it specifically as I said but what are you going to do to align yourself with the correct frequency in order to manifest this goal. Losing weight lets keep that example, make a commitment to go to the gym or exercise more. Or it could even be eating less junk food and fueling your body with the correct nutrients and food your body needs. You then have to carry out those actions every day whilst manifesting those personal goals. You are then aligning yourself with the frequency of that manifested goal you have in front of you.

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog post on how to manifest on paper!

Talia x