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Some may get confused between the two. They have similar ways of benefitting your hair however both have slightly different properties. In this blog I will help you to understand how to use a hair mask and conditioner in different ways.

A hair mask is normally a lotion-based mask that is filled with nutrients and nourishing oils that help to nourish your scalp. Hair masks can be used on dry hair whereas conditioners are best used on wet hair. When using a conditioner, it can help to make your hair silky and smooth for that moment, on the other hand, hair masks help to nourish your hair strands from within.

Hair masks are ideally left on for much longer. I even keep my hair mask on overnight whilst sleeping to ensure my scalp absorbs all of the good nutrients!

How to use conditioner

  • Conditioner works best on wet clean hair (so ideally after using shampoo)
  • Leave conditioner for a short period of time after shampooing
  • Use a fair amount of conditioner for the ends of your hair, too much conditioner that is used on your scalp area can cause your hair to become greasy (oil overload)
  • Remember that conditioner is a short term fix

How to use hair mask

  • A hair mask works on damp as well as wet hair
  • Hair masks can be used all over your hair, from root to tips
  • They can be left on overnight to allow your hair to absorb the nutrients
  • Are more used for a deeper in depth hair care routine

I often like to alternate between the two. When washing my hair I will use a good conditioner, and when I feel like doing some self care I will use a hair mask.

Difference between hair mask and conditioner

A hair mask has deeper nutrients than a conditioner. Think of a hair mask as more of a long term care product, that is ideally used once a week. Compared to a conditioner, which is more of a short term effect that will help your hair after shampooing it.

Below I will share my favourite hair masks that I love to use. For me these are my top ones as for me I feel like they do contribute to the health of my hair and are ones that also smell amazing!

I alternate between these two hair masks. I do this as I want to absorb the different nutrients from each hair mask. I sleep with my hair mask on my hair, and simply wash it off in the morning.

That is all for now, take care and stay safe!
Talia x