How to use Elemis Cleansing Balm

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Using the Elemis cleansing balm is very easy and quite satisfying to do. You simply take a small amount of the balm and place it on your fingertips. Now whether you are a lover of the brand Elemis, or this is your first time coming across this brand. Let me tell you why this is my go-to for any skin care product since being introduced to it.

Elemis has been around since 1988 by Linda Steiner. Her goal was to make skincare that was as close to nature as possible and so she did. She came up with a range of different Elemis products that also made a difference to people’s skin for the better. The Elemis brand became more and more well-known for its luxury skincare products, and some do not come at a bad price tag at all… bearing in mind the fantastic results they give you (my own personal opinion). I use the Elemis cleansing butter once in the morning and once in the evening to ensure my face is cleansed.

I created a more in depth blog post on Elemis the brand itself, and giving my own personal view on is Elemis a good brand. You can click below to be taken to that post, on my blog. Otherwise feel free to stay on this post, to learn how to use the elemis cleansing balm in your skincare routine.

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Cleansing Balm; How to use

First thing first, if you aren’t sure what it does. Well, the answer is in the product name, it is a cleansing balm. It has a gorgeous smooth balm texture that just allows dirt and makeup to melt off of your skin, without leaving your face feeling dry (that many other cleansers do).

How to use Elemis Cleansing Balm

  1. Wash your hands with soap to ensure they are clean before using your fingertips across your face
  2. Use warm water to warm up your face; use a flannel and rest against it
  3. Take a pea-sized amount of the cleansing balm and rub it between your fingertips
  4. Use circular motions whilst rubbing in the ever so slightly the balm, allowing the balm to really melt across your entire face. This is helping to get deep into those pores and clear out any dirt or oil
  5. Wipe off with care with warm water, and pat your face dry

The elemis cleansing balm will change consistency when water is added to form a more balm-like cleanser. You can also use the balm to remove your mascara, but just be careful to ensure you don’t get it on your eyes.

Cleansing balm vs Micellar water

Now for many years, I would use the micellar water to take off my makeup. Yes, it did the job of taking it off at eye level… but after using the cleansing balm I realised that for many years it wasn’t clearing my skin at a deeper level. I am going to cover the main differences, between cleansing balm vs micellar water.

Elemis Cleansing Balm Ingredients

Elderberry Oil – Helps to reduce breakouts and a great benefit is that with the oil contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that help to reduce swelling and calm the skin.

Starflower Oil – Helps to prevent inflammation and regulate the skin’s moisture.

Padina Pavonica – Helps to keep its skin elasticity, whilst ensuring the skin barrier functions well.

Cleansing balms are there to help remove your makeup on a much deeper level. As the Micellar water is a water-based product, it only helps to remove minimal makeup. So the makeup could still be in your pores which could lead to a breakout of spots. Whilst you are not sure as to why if you have ‘cleaned’ your skin, you then realise you haven’t cleansed it properly.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing balm

I have shared the original Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm further up, but I wanted to also share that Elemis do a Rose cleansing balm. It contains English Rose Oleo Extract that is full of antioxidants, plus the other two ingredients in the original. The rose cleansing balm has a strong rose scent, that helps to remove oil and dirt from your skin. If you prefer a cleansing balm without a fragrance, the Elemis naked cleansing balm does the same job but contains no fragrance.

Now overall, it is your decision on which cleansing balm you choose. I brought a gift set, that allowed me to try different cleansing balms. I then alternate between all 3 and I feel like it helps my skin to adapt to the different properties in each balm.

That is all for now, take care!
Talia x