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Using a jade roller, use a gentle pressure with an upwards motion on your neck. Be sure to use a moisturiser/oil when using the jade roller as this will help to reduce friction and allow the serum to be absorbed into the skin.

Below I have shared a photo of how to use your jade roller across your face. Using a jade roller helps to stimulate the lymph nodes to drain fluids and toxins from the face, therefore reducing puffiness across your face.

Another great idea that you can do with your jade roller, is to place it into the freezer. When you use this across your skin, the cold compress will help to reduce puffiness much more than a hands massage in which your hands are a lot warmer.

Rolling a jade roller is ideal and more comfortable on moist skin. This will help to glide the roller across your skin as well as help to get that serum penetrated into the skin more.

What is the point of a jade roller?

A jade roller, is a small tool that is made ideally from jade stone (you can also purchase copies of the jade stone). The jade roller normally has a large roller and a smaller roller, both are which used for different areas of your face.

A jade roller is used in the morning and evening to help boost circulation, whilst reducing puffiness and swelling. A jade roller will help to stimulate the lymph nodes found in your face to drain fluids and toxins from your face.

I use my jade roller whilst I am prepping for a night out, this gives my skin that glow without makeup. It helps to increase my blood circulation which helps to reduce puffiness. I struggled with puffiness in the mornings, before I began incorporating a jade roller into my skin care routine. I would never go back after seeing the difference between using it and not using it!

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