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Elemis from my own personal experience is a brilliant brand to use. Elemis is a leading British Luxury skincare that is used worldwide. They range from skincare to haircare to body care.

Elemis can be seen as expensive but what you sometimes can forget is to understand why it is expensive. Sure some things can seem over-priced but some products that are on the market are more expensive for a reason. The ingredients used in these products allow you to see an improvement in your skin’s texture and look. The products are made by scientists who have studied the ingredients and measured how much of each need to be in that cream (let’s say) in order for it to be right for your skin and not too overpowering.

is elemis a good brand

There is a pattern, the better skincare products are more expensive. Why? It is simple, more time has gone into studying the benefits behind the ingredients. I am an Elemis lover myself, and my skin has not exactly been the best. My skin had pigmentation, and aggressive spots and just looked so dull. In fact, the only time it didn’t look too dull was when I had a glowing tan, but even then I wouldn’t be pleased with my skin.

I searched and tried many high-street drugstore products which were around £10 and under. Some in fact made my skin worse. It was a vicious cycle of trying to find products that were reasonably priced but that actually worked. Thinking back over the years… If I calculated how much I spent on facial products it would work out the price of 5 Elemis products.

Now again, this is my own personal opinion on why I believe having the Elemis products as part of our skin routines is a must-have and why they are so good even though they are expensive.

The Elemis products have award-winning formulas, that improve your skin’s well-being. Using Elemis products in your skincare routine will ensure you see improvements as well as know that the Elemis brand is devoted to skin wellness.

I have created another blog post, that goes into greater deeper into how to use the Elemis Cleansing balm in your skincare routine. Click on the image below and you will be taken to that blog post.

how to use elemis cleansing balm 
is elemis a good brand

Is Elemis a good brand; My Top 5 Elemis products

1. Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

My very first purchase from the Elemis brand was the ‘Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm’. I tried a small tester of 20g which was a very reasonable price (I have listed it below on Amazon).

I needed something that would cleanse my face that wouldn’t leave my face feeling dry or oily. A cleanser is also strong enough to melt away my makeup but also cleanse at the same time. Well, what a perfect choice this was. It is a cleansing balm that you simply apply to your face whilst using circular motions to ensure dirt and makeup are taken away from your skin. Once applied across your face, you simply use a flannel to wipe away and that is all. The great thing about this product is that your face is left feeling hydrated and clean at the same time. You can of course choose to add a moisturiser after, but it is not ideally needed (well not for my skin type anyway).

2. Superfood Midnight Facial

Here we have the Prebiotic night cream that helps to replenish your skin overnight whilst you sleep.

I searched for a night-time cream for a while but found that many left my skin feeling oily once I woke up and it would cause breakouts. The superfood midnight facial cream for me is one that smells gorgeous but also leaves your skin glowing even moments after applying it (as well as when you wake up in the morning). It contains Camu Camu in the cream which is a great ingredient, as it has a source of vitamin C and Cocoa Butter which contains Omega 6 & 9 Fatty Acids.

3. Frangipani Monoi Hair & Scalp Mask

There is no point in having glowing skin if you don’t take care of your hair. This smells UN-BELIEVABLE!

It has that gorgeous spa smell and you can just feel it really getting into the roots of your hair and conditioning the roots. This mask contains Hibiscus Flower Extract that helps to leave your hair looking shiny and silky smooth. I use this hair mask twice a week, shampoo my hair, and then apply the hair mask. You can leave it on for 2 minutes or keep it on overnight if you want a deeper more conditioned outcome.

4. Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter

I fell in love with the idea of cleansing butter after using the pro-collagen cleansing balm.

I began to search more through Elemis and stumbled across the Superfood range that had a similar cleansing balm method. The superfood AHA Glow cleansing butter contains Pumpkin enzymes and Acerola Cherry that are naturally rich in AHA’s. With these ingredients being rich in AHA’s it helps to brighten the skin, giving you that effortless glow. Mango Butter, being rich in Omega fatty acids contributes to your skin’s hydration levels.

5. Pro-Collagen Marine Anti-wrinkle Face Mask

This does state ‘Anti-wrinkle’. I am at an age where thankfully I do not get any wrinkles emerging yet. However, it doesn’t mean that younger age groups that don’t have wrinkles can’t use it. This makes my face feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It is the best face mask I have ever used, it literally makes you glow.

I even use this face mask, before nights out due to the insane glow it gives me. Not forgetting I also use a range of the other Elemis products that I have listed. So using all of these different Elemis products really has made a big improvement in my skin and I am so glad I have been able to stick with the same brand for over 3 years now.

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog post on answering the question of ‘Is Elemis a good brand’. These were my own personal opinions, and yes I truly believe that Elemis is an exceptionally brilliant skincare brand!

Take care, Talia x