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Have you heard of LED facials before? If not, do not worry I am here to tell you about them, as well as share this powerful beauty product that will save you some money. Now professional LED facials can cost around £200+. I know expensive right! Let me go into more detail of what these facials are good for, and what each differen’t light does for your skin.

Does LED light therapy actually work?

So LED light therapy is something new to me, and I am glad I have come across it. LED light therapy, basically is therapy for your skin (acne, dark spots, wrinkles) using different colours of light, that have different wavelengths. The different wavelengths are used for different treatments, for example, a red LED light, has a long wavelength compared to the other colours so research has found that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

LuxSkin LED rejuvenation wand

Who is LuxSkin?

LuxSkin is a new brand that has been going since 2019. They believe that skincare products shouldn’t be expensive and overpriced. The LuxSkin team have created a range of skincare devices that are affordable and work well.

What does the LED Rejuvenation wand do?

The LuxSkin Rejuvenation wand comes with a wire to charge the charger pod stand. I find it really useful that the Wand comes with a charging pod stand, as the wand itself, is an odd shape and it would really hard to balance if you wanted it to be upright whilst charging.

The LuxSkin Rejuvenation wand comes with a small blue screen, which displays:
– The intensity level
– The battery of the wand
– The type of photons
– Radio Frequency
– EMS (Electro-Magnetic spectrum)
– The maximum time recommended which is 10 mins

LuxSkin LED rejuvenation wand

The rejuvenation wand combines 3 different technologies: 
– Radio Frequency Energy
– High-Frequency Massage
– Light Therapy

What do each of the colours do on the rejuvenation wand?

– Increasing collagen production in skin (allowing the skin to become more elasticity)

LuxSkin LED rejuvenation wand

– Used to brighten skin or dark areas

LuxSkin LED rejuvenation wand

– Used to treat dark spots or discoloured skin by working to prohibit the overproduction of melanin

LuxSkin LED rejuvenation wand

– Used to whiten the skin

LuxSkin LED rejuvenation wand

– Used to treat acne and oily skin

LuxSkin LED rejuvenation wand

How to use the LED Rejuvenation Wand

Step 1 – Ensure Device is charged (3 hours for the first use)
Step 2 – Clean skin and apply a water-based moisturiser or serum
Step 3 – Press power once to turn on. Press power again to increase intensity up to level 5. Press power after level 5 to turn off.
Step 4 – Start on a low-intensity level and increase gradually
Step 5 – Move the device slowly from bottom to the top of your face from inside to out.
Step 6 – Gently massage your face with the device for 10 minutes – 3 per week.
Step 7 – Device will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of use

That is all from me lovelies! I hope you enjoyed my first LuxSkin review.
Hope you are taking care and staying safe!
Talia x