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Who doesn’t love finding products that make their lives a little easier? Well in this article, I have shared my favourite bathroom favourites from Amazon. Well what are you waiting for… read on!

1. Gotega Small Bathroom Storage

Now, it is all good having cleaning products and tools, but where would you find the space to store it all? Well perhaps this storage unit for your bathroom would be ideal for you. This storage unit is designed to save space with its slimline design.

– Instructions to assemble are included
– Fixing and screw holes are hidden, giving you a much cleaner and neater look
– Cleanable, with a damp cloth/microfibre cloth to remove any dirt and stains
– Sturdy and has plenty of space for storage

2. CQURE 450ml/15.2oz Automatic Soap Dispenser

Now we all surely should know how dirty the top of a soap dispenser can hold, I mean you use the pump with an un-clean hand.. so why would you not look into having an automatic soap dispenser?

– Touchless making it a lot more hygienic
– Reduces the amount of soap you use, compared to the normal soap pumps
– Forms a foam soap and not a sticky soap
– Easy to set up
– Ultra-fast sensing time

3. Joseph Joseph Bathroom Easy-Store Toothbrush Caddy

Trying to get all of your toothbrushes to stay up can be a little bit of a nightmare at times, let’s not forget the toothpaste either. With this toothbrush and toothpaste holder, you can keep it all together in one place.

– Easy to clean, as it allows you to dismantle
– Contains a non-slip base for your toothpaste and toothbrushes
– The holder contains ventilators to allow for quick drying reducing the amount of bacteria in the toothbrush holders, not like many other holders
– Can hold up to 4 adult toothbrushes, 2 normal sized toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste

4. WWYM Bathtub Spa Pillow, 4D Spa Bathtub Pillow

Ever wanted to fully relax in a bath, and just rest your head but it’s so uncomfortable that you realise that you can’t, well why not purchase a bath pillow?

– Comes with 7 strong suction cups (use the tags on the suction cups to avoid damaging them)
– Waterproof design
– Very soft and comfortable
– Very supportive of neck and head
– Easy to wipe and clean

5. Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

Having the thought of dropping your phone or tablet into the bath can be quite daunting. It can be hard to relax when trying to watch a film and your laying there worrying when the unlucky moment will happen, of you getting it wet.

– Can hold devices such as Tablet, Kindle, iPad and smartphone
– Due to the design, the bath bridge can fit across any bath
– Made from all-natural material (100% Natural Bamboo)
– Secure slotted design, put into place to ensure the safety of devices or items that you put onto the bridge

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my top 5 bathroom favourites from Amazon! I hope you have found something informative from my post today and that these products are beneficial to you, for now, take care
Talia x

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