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Now the thought of going back to school can be dreadful at times. I remember I used to dread going back, but only up until the point where my mum would take my stationery shopping. I didn’t really need a new pencil case, I mean I had 5 already but they weren’t the new cool ones with sparkles inside. So during the summer holidays, my mum would take me on my favourite shopping trip, which was getting all my school stationery supplies. In this article I share my top back to school supplies for the little ones, some you may not have come across before or even thought about.

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Why do students need supplies?

First of all, having brand new fresh supplies are always more excited than old supplies (and that goes to any age not just for the little ones). Being prepared will increase the chances of the little ones to feel more motivated and excited and in most cases really look forward to there classes.

Anyway lets get straight into it!

Ulife Mall Unicorn Portable Travel Bottles Set (5 Pack)

Now we all know how important it is that we wash our hands frequently. A lot of us especially children do not realise how much bacteria can be on there hands after simply using one pen that 5 other children have touched. This 5 pack of hand gels, can be the new fashion trend to have inside bags as well as attached to backpacks.

Anything which is bright and colourful, is always exciting to look at and attracts attention. The cool 5 pack hand sanitiser container holders are a must for your children. They make a normal hand gel look a lot more fun to have and to use.

The bottles do not come with hand gel inside, so be aware that you will need to fill this up with your own anti-bacterial hand gel. The covers are easily removable, allowing you to fill up the bottles up.

They come in 3 different types of designs, you can choose one or all of them!

mDesign Art Supply Storage Box

We all know what is it like to have so many pens and pencils and then having to buy a numerous amount of pencil cases to keep them all tidy and in one place. This storage box will help you achieve that goal. The storage box comes in 8 different colours that you can choose from.

The storage box comes with 4 compartments. It can be used for art stationery or even as a desk organiser. Staplers, paint brushes can also be stored in this storage box. It is made from durable plastic, making it extremely sturdy and strong.

Xpork 5 Pack Pencil Grips Corrector 

When I was in primary school, I would get some of the worst blisters on my pens as I used to grip too hard to try and make my handwriting as neat as possible. After a while, my hands would continuously blister over and my hands would be sore. My mum purchased some pencil grips for me, so that they would cushion my finger when writing. Ooo did these do the trick!

These pen grips effectively work by easing the pencil grip that your child might have when writing. These can be used on pens and pencils, and come in a 5 pack with different colours to choose from. Each grip has a place where you can place your thumb (either if you are right or left-handed).

You simply slide on each gripper to the pen/pencil that you wish to use, and they are easily removable. These are ideal for right-handed and left-handed people. The whole idea of these pencil/pencil grips are to make writing more enjoyable and comfortable.

lenbest Travel Tray, Indoor & Outdoor Learning

Doing homework or any work in the same environment can be a little boring at times. This travel tray might be a good idea for your child. It is portable so you can take it wherever you choose, whether that be the park, or even to a friend’s house. It has a erase top, so kids can draw straight onto the board using board pens and can be easily erased.

It comes with 5 drawing papers, 6 board pens, a travel tray and one storage bag to keep things all in one place when not in use. This can be used in car journey’s and even for aeroplane journey’s to keep the little one’s entertained without causing a big mess.

That is all for now, my lovelies! Hope you found this article helpful, for now, take care!
Talia x

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