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The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. A beach in the UK where the perceptions of UK beaches are mostly grey skies, rain and bitter winds, doesn’t mean that the coastlines that border the UK aren’t full of outstanding natural landscapes.

It is located south of England, an English seaside resort town. It’s nickname “London-by-the-Sea”, due to the railroads connected Brighton and London in the 1840s. Due to it only being around an hour’s train ride away, it leaves Brighton becoming massively popular for Londoners.

What makes Brighton Unique?

Brighton is seen as a very unique seaside place to go, the Brighton Sea Life is the world’s oldest operating aquarium which opened in 1872. Not forgetting that the world’s oldest operating electric railway opened in 1883 in Brighton!

When did Brighton become popular?

Brighton did not receive many visitors until the Prince of Wales visited in 1783. Due to the increase of popularity, new streets and railroads were built to link the two cities together. By 1792, most lanes were built.

Festival at Brighton Pier

Is Brighton Beach Sandy?

The Brighton beach is not sandy, it is all pebbles. Pebble beaches are often formed when other cliffs are eroded and where there is higher-energy waves.

Can you swim in the sea at Brighton?

The beach at Brighton has a sloping shingle bank which is then followed by a levelled area of sand at low tide. The sea can be deep at high tide, with only being metres way off-shore.

For those who cannot swim (including children and adults), or have difficulty or even fears, should not swim in the sea to ensure they are safe. For those who can swim, it will be the safest to swim during the low tide period.

Brighton Pier

Is Brighton worth visiting?

It is a natural landscape which hugs the coast of the English Channel. There are many things to do at Brighton, whether it is just a long stroll along the beachfront or visiting the Brighton Pier and having some of Brighton’s fish and chips!

The Lanes are narrow cobblestone laneways with many shops which are also a must when visiting Brighton. Not forgetting the attractions like the Sea Life Aquarium and the Brighton Marina, you will make some funny and lifetime memories here, regardless of the weather!

How many piers are there in Brighton?

Today, in June 2020 Brighton has two piers (one that you can actually walk on). The Chain Pier (1823-1896), The West Pier (1866-1975) and The Palace Pier was built in 1899 and is still currently up, this pier is also referred to the Brighton Pier. The Brighton Palace Pier is the only pier that has the tourist attractions however you can still view the historic Brighton West Pier from the seafront.

What can you do on Brighton Pier?

At the Brighton Pier, there is a range of activities to choose from. You can eat and drink, visit the Dome or even the palace of fun (containing arcade games). Below I have listed some attractions, some come with height restrictions.

Cup ‘n’ SaucerTurbo Coaster
Bouncy CastleTrampolines
Helter SkelterCarousel
Mega SlideAir Race
Dragon Flyi220

Do you have to pay for Brighton Pier?

To walk to the end of the pier and back is of course free. Some attractions cost money and for certain rides you have to buy tokens, where you can find token stations along the pier.

What can you do in Brighton for free?

You will be pleased to hear that I have listed some free things you can do down at Brighton. I will list some below:

  • Brighton Palace Pier
  • Brighton Marina
  • South Downs National Park
  • Booth Museum
  • Brighton Fishing Museum
  • Pavilion Gardens

I hope you have found the travel guide helpful, whether you live in the United Kingdom or whether you are from across the globe. Brighton is a great London-seaside to visit, regardless of the weather I am sure you will make some memories!
For now, take care,
Talia x