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There are many things you can do after steaming your face that will help contribute to your skins health and overall look. After steaming your face, it makes sense to exfoliate your face. This helps to get rid of any dead skin cells as well as wash away any excess dirt from your pores.

You could even then use some face tools that will help you get rid of some tough blackheads that may be sitting on the surface of your skin. Not forgetting to finish off with a face mask that is a great way to help replenish moisture back into the skin.

Exfoliating your skin

Exfoliating your skin is essential if you want fresh brighter looking skin. It is important to exfoliate at least two times a week, it is not recommended to exfoliate every day however. When exfoliating it is important to get yourself a good cleaner with some exfoliating tools or even better get yourself an exfoliating scrub.

Using an exfoliating scrub helps to not only exfoliate but helps to moisture your skin and not leave it dry. I vary when using exfoliating scrubs as I like to ensure I am using the best skin chemicals across the border. I tend to stick to only two exfoliating scrubs and alternate between them. Not forgetting how important it is to exfoliate especially if you use fake tan as we all know when the tan begins to become old it can leave dry patches. Exfoliating before your tanning routine is essential if you want a smooth non-patchy tan.

I love to use this particular exfoliation facial scrub. This one is my go to, and I have stuck with this scrub for over 6 months now. If you are like me and do not mind paying a little more than a regular retail product then this may be for you. It can be a little pricey but… it works!!

Here we have the Murad exfoliate scrub. It is a medium thickness and it contains small little jojoba beads that are biodegradable! The beads help to scrub off that dead skin when you are rubbing it across your face. The great thing with this product is that is good for all skin types ranging from normal, oily, dry and a combination. It contains salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids.

Use a face mask

If you think about it, you have steamed your face to open the pores, then have used an exfoliator to extract deeper dirt and get rid of dead skin. Your face now needs something to hydrate the skin. I am a lover of sheet masks. I find them to give you more of a glow than the liquid form ones that you have to paint onto your face. With myself, I tend to find that when using a mask that you paint onto your face, when it comes to washing it off, it can be tough and for me it makes my face so red due to me trying to scrub it off once its dry. The sheet masks however leave the good chemicals on your face and to remove you don’t need to scrub it off with a flannel.

My go to are the garnier sheet masks. I love to use these before a night out, it just helps to give my skin that glow. You simply just need to leave on this face for around 10-15 mins. I place this in the fridge so that when I do use them they are nice and cold and help reduce any puffiness that my skin may have. I have listed a little set of a range of these masks. I myself have tried the entire range and I have my favourites that suit my skin best. You can get them from Amazon either for yourself to try or as a gift for someone!

Apply a moisturiser/serum

Right good, you are reading the next step of the routine I carry out to get glowing skin. I now like to apply a moisturiser. Now my go to for many years has been the Elemis Pro-collagen marine cream. I know it is expensive but do you see a difference in your skin in compared to using those high-street brand type moisturisers, well I mean I did anyway.

One thing I do love incorporating into my routine when applying a serum is using a Gua Sha. Not a word you would hear every day but hey ho here we are. Gua Sha. These are little facial tools normally made of jade which help to sculpt your face. Yes I said it. Sculpt. I have a crazy amount of puffiness under my eye and around my cheeks. I needed something that would in a sense drain out all of the puffiness from my skin but not irritate it. Using the Gua Sha helps to improve the microcirculation of the facial blood vessels, and promotes lymphatic drainage therefore allowing for my puffy face to go down.

The great thing with these is that they are small, so easy to carry plus they are reusable but not forgetting that you can get yourself one that isn’t going to break the bank. You can get a decent one for just $10. I will list below a Gua Sha, you may have seen one before but just never have known the benefits of using it. Simply get a goof serum to use on your face and begin to use your Gua Sha. If you are not sure on how to use it, make sure you check out videos and tutorials on YouTube and even Pinterest if you want to download a tutorial to keep.

That is all for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed my guide on what to do after steaming your face!
Take care!