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Now we all love the style of Yeezy however it can be expensive. Yeezy was founded in 2019, by Kanye West. Yeezy’s are so high in demand, as only a small batch of items are released, making them harder to get i.e making them more exclusive. In this blog post, I will be sharing some Yeezy dupes that I have found on Amazon.

Yeezy Dupes Amazon

1. EQUICK Slippers for Women and Men

These are slightly different from the ones above, however these slippers/sliders have an Ergonomic Design supporting your foot. You can wear these indoors around the house, or outside e.g. for a quick trip to the shops.

2. Litfun Platform Slide Sandals for Men Women Lightweight Open Toe Shower Shoes

Here we have a great dupe copy of the Yeezy sliders. With a 1.7 inch sole these sliders will help you get that Yeezy look with whichever outfit you wish to choose from.

3. Unisex Slide Sandal Summer Slippers Non-Slip Soft Pool Slides

The final dupe copy of this post. Here we have a similar copy to the first one I listed however the sole’s of these shoes aren’t as thick as the other ones I listed. The sliders are environmentally friendly and are made with EVA material.

That is all for now, take care and stay safe!
Talia x