Benefits of ice rolling face

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There are numerous amount of benefits of using ice rolling onto your face every day. You can choose to get yourself an ice roller, or simply use an ice cube. They both work the same and will have the same benefits, so in fact using an ice cube is a sustainable way to also save money! Whatever you choose, I am going to be sharing why you should be incorporating using an ice roller on your face into your everyday skincare routine. Enough of me talking, let’s really get into the benefits of ice rolling face in this blog post!

What does an ice roller do?

Using a freezing substance on your skin will help your skin more than you realize. An ice roller simply is a small roller with the material at one end (or both) that can freeze, that you can then glide onto your skin.

I always struggled with puffy faces in the morning, so I tried all types of creams to help reduce puffiness, but in the end, I have gotten to use my ice roller, jade roller, and my Gua Sha. These combined have reduced my face more than any cream. To make it even better, I have paid out for them once as a one-off purchase and haven’t had to go back and buy another one like I would have to for cream.

I fell in love with this ice roller as its spinning function allows me to massage my face whilst using the ice compartment. Also, the ice compartment pops off, and you can then simply put it into the freezer and pop it back into the holder when you want to use it. The ice compartment is filled with small balls that then freeze. It is non-invasive too!

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What does an ice roller do to your face

Helps to boost blood circulation

Using an ice roller helps to boost blood circulation, whilst helping to restore radiance and encourage optimum cell function, due to an increase in blood circulation. So yes, it’s as simple as allowing your skin to glow by just using an ice substance across your skin.

Helps to promote lymphatic fluid drainage

An ice roller will help to promote lymphatic fluid drainage. Using a cold compress (the ice roller) and massage-like motion, will deliver oxygen around your skin whilst pushing waste and toxins out of the lymph nodes. Your face will feel less puffy, more bright, and will be less prone to breakouts.

Soothes irritation

So whether you have irritation or not, this could help prevent your skin from going into complete irritation mode. Whether you are using a new skincare product and it isn’t agreeing with your skin, or simply you have broken out in some spots. Using an ice roller will help to reduce the redness and irritation of what it could look like.

Helps to restore radiance and encourage optimum cell function

Using an ice roller will help to encourage optimum cell function, which means giving your skin the nutrients it needs to regain healthy function. You may have heard of a skin barrier, and having a damaged skin barrier can lead to constant breakouts, redness, and scarring. You need to begin to repair your skin barrier and make it healthy. This prevents bacteria from getting into the deeper levels of the skin.

benefits of ice rolling face

How to use ice roller

It is fairly straightforward to use an ice roller, I currently use one that has a holder, and the ice substance rolls on a wheel. Anyway, let me get into how to use the ice roller in more detail.

  1. Wash your face with warm water, and use a cleanser to wash your face to ensure your face is clean from bacteria
  2. Pat your face dry, so that it is damp
  3. Begin to use your ice roller, whilst using some pressure on the skin
  4. Roll the ice roller in the direction of a lymphatic massage that will allow you to ensure you are contributing to draining the fluid (I will put a photo below)

When to use ice roller in skincare routine

Now as I mentioned earlier, I wake up with dreadful puffiness across my face, and also on my neck. I use my ice roller however whenever I feel that my face is struggling, that is mostly in the mornings. I cleanse my face before using the Elemis Cleansing Balm (I will link below). I then get the ice roller out of the freezer in the morning to then massage across my face and neck.

For this question, there is no right or wrong answer other than not to use ice too much on your face throughout the day. Ideally in the morning and before bed. Everyone’s skin type is different and so it’s important to remember that what might be too much for one person, might be too little for another.

How to clean ice roller

Now, this is a step that a lot of people forget to do. They get so focused on the excitement that they can see the good results every day, that they forget to clean the ice roller. Although you may have cleansed your face, over time this ice roller will pick up some dirt (it is natural to happen) and so it is important that you clean the ice compartment itself. If you are using an ice cube, you will not need to clean it of course, however, ensure the water you are using is clean and doesn’t contain dirt.

how to clean ice roller 
how to clean a rose quartz roller

For those who have an ice roller, simply wash warm water onto the ice compartment and I tend to use a little bit of my cleansing balm to ensure any bacteria that may be on it, is cleansed off. Then dry off with a towel (that is clean) and put the ice compartment back into the fridge.

Likewise, if you want to clean a rose quartz roller, you can use the same method as the one I have listed above, as it will still do the same job. Think of it as there is no point using dirty facial tools on your face and expecting not to get breakouts. Likewise with your makeup brushes… you need to be cleaning them weekly!

That is all for now, I hope you liked my guide on the benefits of ice rolling face. I have linked some of the Amazon products I use within the article. Feel free to check out my other blog posts!

Take care, Talia x